Science Shows something Surprising about People Who Lift Weights

Weightlifting is so much more than just getting ripped and toned-according to a Georgia Tech study published in the Acta Psychologica journal, aside from the apparent physical advantages that it has to offer, pumping iron for 20 minutes per day turns out to be a serious mind booster.

20 minute-reps of bi and tri curls per day may help improve your memory capacity, notes the study.  Let’s learn more about how weightlifting betters your memory.

Weightlifting, an Awesome Way to Boost Your Memory

According to the researchers, from the 46 young adults with an average age of 20 years (23 of the active ones who regularly worked out and 23 passive ones who were lazy), the results suggested a single bout of resistance done during consolidation led to memory advantages 2 days after.

However, there are several caveats concerning the study-although their results showed an increase in participants’ episodic memory, especially the one for emotional materials, there are unanswered questions about the reason behind this correlation.

These physiological advantages may be a result of exercise in general; however, the authors focused only on aerobic weightlifting and noticed neurological improvements that weren’t linked with other benefits before.

It was clear that even a short 20 minute weightlifting session can make a major difference.

The general benefits of working out have been widely praised; however, the idea that weightlifting for less than 30 minutes per day can boost the neurological effects is unexpected, but certainly not unwelcomed.

In addition to the wonderful memory advantages, with a 20-minute weightlifting session, you may end up looking ripped too!




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