This Irish Couple Built Homes for their Employees; they Say it Changed their Lives

Thanks to these kind and dedicated business owners from County Kerry in Ireland, three families will now move into their company-subsidized housing.

The owners of the Walsh Color Print and Educate, Patricia and Tony Walsh, have around 120 people as their employees.

Their employees need to possess a special set of skill and therefore, when local job candidates aren’t available; a lot of their workforce is from other European countries.

However, because of the limited housing options there as well as the high prices, not all of these employees are able to pay for a place of their own and thus, end up paying rent.

Tony & Patricia Decide to Help Two of their Longtime Workers

Anna and Marcin Wojs have been with the company since their emigration to Ireland from Poland some 16 years ago. Faced with the chance of having to head home despite wanting to stay here, they brought up the matter to their bosses’ attention.

The spouses and their team members decided to do something-they wanted to offer them affordable housing as a potent incentive to keep them in the family.

In 2017, the couple sought after planning permission to be able to build tracts of not-for-profit homes on a land that was already owned by them. This site is built today and can accommodate 70 units, 20 of which are intended for workers in their company.

Not-for-Profit Homes for their Employees

The 1000-square-foot homes are sold to their employees at around $36,500 below the market value. And, to be able to offset the costs, the remaining 50 units are sold for their total value on the market.

The Wojs family moved in first and there are also employees who bought the two remaining homes. They’re expected to move into their homes in 2021.

Tony Walsh said that Mercin and Anna and their family are very happy because for the first time in their lives, they own something.

One day, when they will end their contracts with the company, they can freely close the door and be sure they own this home.

Mercin and Anna say this is an amazing Christmas present and that they’re happy.