How Tart Cherry Juice Helps You Sleep Better & Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

Lemon water and green juice are definitely the two of the most popular healthy drinks in the last couple of years. However, there’s one underrated drink that also deserves our attention.

This drink is tart cherry juice-made from tart cherries, also known as Montmorency cherries.

They’re common in Canada, US, and Europe and like the traditional cherries; they have a long list of health advantages, especially when juiced.

Knowing how good they can be for us, we have a long list of reasons to add this juice to our diet. Drink it after a strenuous workout or before going to sleep.

Check below what it can do for you!

4 Amazing Health Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice

  • Helps you fight off insomnia

Tart cherry juice has been linked with better sleep and improved quality of sleep in healthy individuals. This is because it’s abundant in melatonin which is pivotal for healthy sleep-and-wake cycles. Although a lot of people may opt for magnesium or melatonin supplementation to get more quality sleep, tart cherry juice may also be a great alternative.

  • Helps you recover after strenuous workout

Choosing tart cherry juice as a post-workout drink mixed with some protein powder is amazing way to boost the recovery of your muscles. The antioxidants in it known as polyphenols were linked with lower pain and bettered muscle recovery after endurance and strength training in athletes.

  • May relieve osteoarthritis symptoms

Although additional research is necessary to find out more, in one study, it was found that the participants who consumed tart cherry juice vs. the placebo group reported modest relief from their knee pain because of osteoarthritis. One more recent study from 2019 discovered that the people who consumed tart cherry juice on the daily experienced less pain, better mobility, and improved quality of life.

  • Better cardiovascular health

Did you know that tart cherry juice may keep your heart safe long-term? Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics, it was linked with better blood pressure and reduced bad cholesterol when it was drunk for 12 weeks. According to RD Kelly Jones, this is because tart cherries contain polyphenol anthocyanins which possess anti-inflammatory characteristics and support the antioxidant systems associated with slower aging process.

Good to Know

Like any other juice from a fruit, tart cherry juice is rich in natural sugars and has no fiber to slow down its absorption into our body.

Therefore, as our body treats all sugars in the same way, don’t overconsume it.

If you worry about your blood sugar management, pair this juice with a protein source like yogurt or hard boiled eggs to lower the risk of spikes.

Despite its sugar, tart cherry juice isn’t sweet and some people may dislike this-it’s quite tart. The recommended dosage is around 8 and 16 ounces on the daily, with the higher end being more suitable for athletes.