12-Year-Old Girl Takes a Bullet to Head to Protect Her Baby Niece

When Canisha and Makayla Saulter heard loud popping sounds while in their home in Bloomington in Minnesota, the two sisters thought it was the firecrackers.

However, it was something much worse. The girls’ cousin Anthony Smith said the two girls were loading a U-Haul on a Sunday night when all of a sudden, their neighbor, a white male, started shooting at them.

Smith explained that he’s not sure if it was a radical motive, but he knew this man wanted to kill his family. The shooter was 10 feet away and didn’t want to stop shooting.

The police said that it wasn’t a racially motivated shooting.

Makayla Shields Baby Niece & Gets Shot in the Head

Makayla was holding her 18-month-old niece, the daughter of Canisha.

She was seen on the ground, cradling the baby.

Makayla’s aunt, Reverend Marcia Westbrook, said that Makayla is a hero and had one goal-to protect the baby regardless of what was going to happen.

And, something horrible happened. She got shot in the head while trying to escape from the shooter. She was in a critical condition and taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.

Smith also described Makayla as a ‘fighter’ and the whole family was praying for her. They opened up a GoFundMe page because it was unknown how much time she will need to spend in the hospital or if she would ever fully recover.

Canisha, 29-year-old, was shot 3 times in the lower body, however, she was stable. She’s a single parent to Winter and sadly, she’ll need to learn to walk again.

When the police went into the home of the suspect identified by the police, Jason Michael Mesich, they found the dead body of his wife Angela in the garage.

Mesich was arrested. And, he’s held on the basis of probable cause of 2nd degree homicide, 2nd degree attempted homicide, and a 1st degree assault.

The police, in their statements, explained that Mesich told them he ‘hated all children’ and said he thought Makayla and Canisha saw him shoot his wife.

Why Did Mesich Started Shooting Everyone?

The court documents said Mesich told the police he had argued with his wife because he was feeling they didn’t have sex as often as wanted. The search in his home found plenty of guns and large amount of ammunition.

The Police Deputy Chief of Bloomington Mike Hartley said that targeting innocent people in the front yard is pure evil.