This Nurse Fulfilled Her Promise to a Dying Patient to Attend Her Daughter’s Nursing School Graduation

This wonderful nurse fulfilled a promise she gave to a patient of hers 4 years ago. She told her she will attend the patient’s daughter’s graduation from nursing school.

Edina Habibovic who’s 22 graduated from the Chamberlain University’s College of Nursing & Public Health in Chicago last year in December.

Her mother, Sevala Habibovic, sadly died at the age of 46 in December 2017 before she could see her daughter graduate.

She passed away after a 2-year-fight with breast cancer. Her daughter said how she didn’t think the medical field was for her at first. Then, when her mother got sick, she had all of the experience since they were going in and out of the hospitals.

Edina explains how she thought, after losing her mom, that she wants to do this and wants to make an impression on somebody else’s life.

Amazing Nurse  & Sevala Become Good Friends

The nurse, one Sanja Josipovic, who worked as a home health nurse in the Northwestern Medicine in Winfield, Illinois at the time cared for Sevala in her home.

Both of them were Bosnian refugees and became very good friends during the six months of care.

Josipovic recalls how Sevala was the most worried about her daughter because she was young and hadn’t finished school yet. They became so close, like sisters. She found Sevala to be a very strong woman with a strong mind.

And, she wasn’t scared to die-she was just deeply worried about her children and husband. She is survived by her husband Seval, and her other daughter, Emina.

A Strong Person with a Strong Mind Who Loved Her Family

Edina said that her mother lived to spend time with her family and care for people. When Sanja worked, she still tried to make her something to eat, despite how ill she was.

Near the end, Sevala asked from Sanja to promise to go to the graduation of her youngest daughter.

Sanja accepted and said this was the only thing Sevala would miss-her daughter graduating from nursing school.

Sanja, herself a mother of three, said there was no big ceremony because of the pandemic, but they still made a small gathering thanks to the manager of the hospital.

Edina said Sanja told her about the promise she made to her mother and explains Sanja is always there for her and has been since day 1.

After her graduation, Edina is working alongside Sanja, helping and caring for patients at the Marianjoy.