This Lost Dog Cried Out in Joy when She Reunited with Her Human Mom

For three weeks full of worry and uncertainties, Liddie, a sweet dog, was missing from her home. Her human mom, Kirstin Kap, was shattered because she had no idea where her sweet dog could be.

We visited the Cemetery with my Shi...
We visited the Cemetery with my Shih Tzu puppies, and something weird happened...

She didn’t know how to cope with Liddie missing; she said it was like a part of her was missing, yet she couldn’t do anything about it. She loves her so much and prayed she comes back home.

Liddie’s heart was also shattered; the good news is that this wasn’t forever.

Liddie and Kirstin Meet again: Dog Cries Out in Joy

No one knows where exactly Liddie spent the weeks she was away, but 21 days later, she was found by one couple that already knew Liddie was from Kapp’s family.

They tracked her down in the vet clinic where Kapp works and soon enough, they finally reunited. Kapp was crying as sweet Liddie leaped into her arms, crying out from joy to be back with her human.

The heartwarming reunion was caught on camera. It’s the most wonderful thing you’ll see all day. You can check it out here:

Kapp’s colleagues can be heard ‘you got your people back!’ Later, Kapp also shared one more video of the reunion from a different angle.

Liddie and Kapp were so full of joy to be hugging each other again. Although dogs are unable to speak and show the affection for the people they love, they still feel it, they only express it differently.

The above scene is a perfect example that the language of love doesn’t need translation, don’t you agree?