Dermatologist Recommends a Surprising Trick for a Youthful Skin: It’s Onion Tea!

Besides banana peels that can do wonders for our skin, triple board-certified dermatologist, Marina Turegano, recommends another surprising trick for a youthful skin.

It’s not as appealing as a banana peel masks, but it’s definitely promising.  Turegano and her 72-year-old mother recommend using onion peels for a healthy brew that will help you have a glowing skin.

In a recent video of the dermatologist and her mother, the two are seen sipping on their mugs full of onion skin tea, as they’ve named it.

Onions Are Good for the Skin

Onions are abundant in antioxidants, especially quercetin, a type of flavonoid which helps reduce inflammation and fights off free radicals, both which are essential for management of aging signs like fine lines.

According to a study, quercetin was also beneficial in averting UV-induced collagen degradation in tissues of human skin.

And, the highest concentration of this flavonoid is present in the skin of onion-the peel has higher amounts of it than the core, middle, and outer parts.

Surely, the bulbs do contain their fair share of the antioxidant, but don’t immediately dismiss the peel.

Which Onion Is the Best Choice?

When it comes to the question ‘which type of onion is the best’, there’s not one that’s considered the healthiest.

All of its types are rich in antioxidants, although the red onions in particularly abundant in anthocyanins-phytochemicals which also gives them their red pigment.

This flavonoid is an extra nutrient for our skin-it possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial characteristics.

How to Make Turegano’s Onion Skin Tea

According to Turegano, you need to wash your skin thoroughly first. And, then, you place several onion skins in a pot full of heated water.

You bring it to boil and then turn it down to simmer. You simmer the skins for 30 minutes and then strain the content into a cup.

You drink it and enjoy.

Turegano explains that it may not be as enjoyable as chamomile or chai as chamomile or chai tea-it does taste like bland onion water.

But, why not give it a go for a healthy, glowing skin?

If you’re not satisfied with the taste, you can always mask it with a squeeze of lemon or some turmeric.