This 53-Year-Old Grandma Looks Half Her Age: Says She Owes it to Exercise & Healthy Diet

An Indonesian social media influencer, Puspa  Dewi, has recently become even more popular, mostly because of for her youthful look.

At the age of 53, she doesn’t just look half her age, but she’s also a grandma.

A mother of two sons, Dennis and Daniel Hadi, Dewi is the proud grandma of Neil, her grandson, the child of Dennis, who’s the older son. Both sons are in their 20s.

She’s been married for 26 years.

Her husband and father of the children, Neil Naver Hadi, is 56-years-old and the family is often seen on photos Puspa shares on her social media.

Since she looks so young when compared to other women her age, she’s often asked about her ‘secret’ to youthful look.

So, what is it?

How to Stay Healthy & Youthful, According to Puspa Dewi

When asked about the key to her youthful appearance, Dewi explains it’s a result of her exercise, healthy diet, and a positive outlook on life. Moreover, she’s a person who does a lot of dancing, aerobics, swimming and basketball.

All of these things can be seen on her Instagram.

And, she’s also a business woman-she has a healthy catering business named Hadi Kitchen Healthy Catering.

In one of her social media posts, people were surprised to see a photo of her and her husband 27 years ago and one of them now. The first photo made in 1993 is when they were dating and the other one is in 2020, when both are already proud grandparents.

There’s visible difference in how her husband looks; but, when you look at her, it seems like she hasn’t changed a bit.

And, she jokingly admits that when she shares a photo with one of her sons, people often mistake them for a couple.

Be it as it may, one thing is for sure-Puspa looks amazing and she probably has a lot of good genetics and a healthy lifestyle, full of activity and healthy food.