San Antonio Pet Stores Will soon Have to Sell only Pets from Shelters

Last year, the San Antonio city leaders approved a code amendment that restricts sales of puppies and kittens from pet stores in the limits of the city.

The staff presentation during the meeting emphasized that 3 out of 51 stores sell cats and dogs.

This new ordinance, approved by a vote of 9 to 1, will demand from these stores to now sell only animals from shelters, a licensed rescue organization or an animal control agency.

Pet Stores in San Antonio Will now Sell only Shelter Animals

According to Heber Lefgren, the director of Animal Care Services, it was a controversial problem, but they’re grateful to have moved into the next phase and to have a chance to better the animal care.

This means that the retail pet sales can no longer sell animals from breeders known as puppy mills and will instead encourage the adoption of animals.

Jaime Trueba, the director of a Petland store says it’s automatically assumed that they get their puppies from these mills. This is the furthest from the truth, he says.

Those who’re representing the retail pet stores believe this new law won’t do enough.

This ban on getting puppies from breeders, according to David Moreno, Petland’s president, will only push the possible breeders to use other sources, mostly the Internet.

Although Lefgren notes that not all of the breeders are bad; however, there’s a need for better regulation at both federal and state level.

What Are the Fines for Those Who Break the Rules?

Those who violate the new rules may be fined with up to $500 and this took effect on the 1st of January this year.

Concerned citizens were heard about this measure and many of them praised the idea; however, some pet store owners said how this won’t prevent the breeders to sell their puppies and kittens online.

Hence, the breeders who sell animals directly to customers are still allowed to do it.




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