New Study Finds that Eating White Button Mushrooms Could Slow Down Prostate Cancer Progression

According to a study done with lab mice presented virtually during the ENDO 2021, the chemicals found in white button mushrooms may play a crucial role in decreasing the progress of prostate tumors in men. 

The head researcher, Xiaoqianq Wang from the Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope- a comprehensive cancer center in Duarte, California- explains that androgens, male sex hormones promote prostate cancer cell growth by connecting to and activating the androgen receptor, a protein which is expressed in the prostate cells.

Wang adds that white button mushrooms successfully suppressed the activity of the androgen receptor. 

This Is a Continued Study from Previous Findings

The principal investigator in this study, Shiuan Chen, previously did a phase one clinical trial. White button mushroom powder was given to patients with recurrent prostate cancer and it showed that these mushrooms lowered the levels of the PSA in the blood, with minimal side effects. 

The increased PSA levels in men may be a sign of prostate cancer. 

This being said, the recent study was aimed at discovering the mechanism behind this behavior. The research team studied the impact of this mushroom on the prostate cancer cells and the effect of the extract on mice that were injected with human prostate tumors. 

A Major Hope for Prostate Cancer Prevention

These mice experienced significant reduction in the prostate tumor growth after they were given white button mushroom extract. The researchers are hopeful that this finding and white button mushrooms could one day be major contributors to the prevention of prostate cancer and its progression.