3 Effective Recipes to Cleanse the Kidneys

Considering the amount of fast food and soda drinks we consume daily, it’s no wonder our organs suffer.

All of those unhealthy fats from fast food and the artificial sugar from soda drinks aren’t any good news for the overall health and many organs will start to function poorly as a response to the unhealthy diet and way of living.

Some of the organs that suffer from an unhealthy way of life and diet are the kidneys. They’re so vital, yet we put them through so much when they’re trying to process all of the unhealthy foods and drinks. Combined with other factors, the kidneys will suffer.

Yet, we need them to function optimally so that our overall health is good. The kidneys are two small organs that are located on the left and right sides of the spine, below the ribs. 

Why Is It Important to Cleanse the Kidneys?

In the absence of an illness, a healthy diet and proper water intake are usually sufficient for healthy kidneys. But, some herbs, foods, and supplements can be of aid for stronger kidneys.

Kidney detoxes can also help. Occasional detoxes are helpful in averting health issues occurring and may also be of aid if you’re dealing with some health issues, especially associated with the kidneys.

Below, check out three powerful, all-natural kidney detox drinks. 

DIY Kidney Cleanse Drinks

  1. Carrots & cucumbers

You’ll need:

2 carrots 

1 cucumber

Blend the ingredients with water and consume the drink daily. 

The water from cucumbers and the beta-carotene from carrots will nourish your body with the best nutrients. 

These ingredients will also help you flush out surplus uric acid that is associated with kidney stones. 

  1. Watermelon & lime

You’ll need:

2 cups of watermelon

A lime, peeled

Blend these two ingredients and this smoothie is abundant in potassium and vitamin C. 

It also contains mineral salt. This natural diabetic helps you expel toxins and smaller kidney stones. 

  1. Radish,  celery, and cabbage

You’ll need:

A cup of cabbage (purple)

A stick of celery

A cup of radish 


Rinse the ingredients and blend them. Radishes have anti-inflammatory and antifungal characteristics. 

This is helpful in fighting off infections and removing the toxins in the body and the kidneys. 

Celery has diuretic properties and cabbage boosts your vitamin C levels. This vitamin is important for strong immunity.