5 Easy Ways to Flatten Your Belly

Getting rid of that unpleasant fat around your middle section can be a real challenge. 

The surplus fat in the midsection isn’t just a risk for several illnesses, but it may also diminish your confidence and cause bloating.

But, there are some helpful strategies that encourage the loss of this fat. A flat stomach is around the corner if you’re ready to dedicate yourself to your goals. 

Below, learn the best, science-backed ways, to have a flatter belly and be proud of yourself!

5 Science-Backed Methods to Say Goodbye to Belly Fat

  1. Up the fiber

Soluble fiber absorbs big amounts of water and slows down the passage of food through the digestive tract. 

This helps prolong stomach emptying and causes the stomach to expand and trigger a feeling of fullness. And, this fiber may lower the number of calories that the body can absorb from the consumed foods. 

Soluble fiber reduces the risk of fat around the organs and thus, helps you reduce the waist circumference and the risk of illnesses. 

The best sources of this fiber are avocados, legumes, flaxseed, oats, blackberries, Brussels sprouts, etc.

  1. Opt for cardio 

Cardio and aerobic workout is an awesome chance to burn calories and better your overall health and well-being.  

Studies have found cardio to be beneficial for a stronger belly and reduced waist circumference. 

Opt for 150 to 300 minutes of moderate to high-intensity cardio weekly or 20 to 40 minutes daily. 

Awesome options are biking, brisk walking, rowing and running.

  1. Consume foods with monounsaturated fatty acids

These fatty acids are liquid at room temperature and are said to be healthy fat. According to science, a diet abundant in these fatty acids may lower the risk of belly fat. One example of a diet rich in these fatty acids is the Mediterranean one. 

It’s been associated with other health advantages like a lower risk of central obesity. Foods to consume to get these fatty acids аре nuts, avocados, seeds, and olive oil.

  1. Consume fewer refined carbs

Reduce the intake of carbs if your goal is weight loss. 

Moreover, low-carb diets target the fat around the organs and expand the waistline. Science points out that metabolic health can be improved by switching from refined to unprocessed, whole carbs. 

People who take whole grains have a 17 percent lower risk of surplus belly fat than people following a diet abundant in refined carbs, according to a study. 

  1. Add probiotics 

Probiotics are live bacteria that contribute to weight maintenance and the loss of surplus pounds. 

People who’re overweight or obese have a distinct gut bacteria composition than people with a normal weight, which may affect the distribution of fat and weight gain. 

Consuming probiotics may balance the gut flora and lower the risk of fat accumulation in the abdominal area. 

The most effective probiotics for belly fat reduction are L. fermentum, L. amylovorus, and L. gasseri. You can also add probiotic foods to your diet like tempeh, kefir, yogurt, kimchi, and pickles. 

What’s more, there are numerous probiotic supplements to opt for; choose ones that contain some of the bacteria mentioned above if your goal is to decrease belly fat.