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The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

The neurotoxicity of fluoride has been the major subject of academic debates for decades and nowadays, it spikes controversy among the general public too. With the increase of claims that fluoride is bad for us, there’ve been numerous attempts to remove this dangerous toxin from drinking water. According to one […]

Oh, No: Illness Found that Is Transmitted by a Tick Species

A New Disease Carrying Tick Species Has Been Found

Unfortunately, there’s been a new tick species discovered in New Jersey that has spread into the neighbor states. Dr. Gregory Poland, director of the Mayo Clinic Vaccine Research Group, points out that for the first time in 50 years, there’s been a new species of ticks identified in the US. […]

Could Ginger Be the Answer to Ovarian & Prostate Cancer?

Could Ginger Be the Answer to Ovarian & Prostate Cancer?

According to research done by the University of Michigan and funded by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the NIH, ginger may be a beneficial tool in the fight against ovarian cancer. Ginger has a long history of medicinal use that dates back to the ancient days. […]