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The Top 6 Herbs to Balance the Hormones Naturally

Often times, symptoms like anxiety, bloating, chronic tiredness, and gain of weight can occur as a result of hormonal imbalance in the body. Namely, hormones play a crucial role in various processes going on in the body, like regulation of mood, digestion, metabolism, reproduction, respiration, tissue function, movement, stress, and […]

This Powerful Tea Can Help You Cure Swollen Legs In Days

Unfortunately, having swollen legs is an unpleasant health problem which may lower one’s quality of life and ruin your self-confidence. The main causes for it vary from weight gain, poor blood flow, unhealthy diet, pregnancy to external factors like hot weather, changes in temperature, humidity, and of course, gravity. It […]

15 Best Essential Oils & their Health Benefits

15 Best Essential Oils & their Health Benefits

As seen on Global Healing Center, essential oils, also known as volatile oils, are scented oils which are made from plants. For a long period of time, they have been part of cosmetics, food, medicine, perfumes, and more recently, aromatherapy. They are called essential because they contain the plant’s essence, […]