Fatty Liver Cleanse: Reset Your Metabolism & Boost Your Weight Loss

Believe it or not, the liver plays pivotal functions in the body (more than 500!), including fighting against infections, producing hormones and proteins, neutralizing toxins, etc.

Moreover, the liver is the only organ in the body capable of self-regeneration after injury. However, when a person isn’t eating healthy and consuming mostly processed foods, the liver will eventually suffer.

This will diminish its ability to regenerate so one needs to boost the detox processes using the right foods. One of these foods is this detox drink. It’s potent and rich in nutrients that are soothing and beneficial for the liver.

Below, check out the full recipe.

DIY Liver Detox Drink Recipe

You’ll need:

25 grams of celery

A piece of ginger

125 grams of red cabbage

Juice from one lemon + the peel

250 grams of pears

100 grams of mint

500 ml of water


Wash the ingredients well, but don’t peel the ones with the outer skin. Cut the pears, cabbage, and celery and put them in the blender.

Add the water and blend for a minute before adding half a tbsp of lemon peel.  Add the lemon juice and mint and blend once more.

Serve right away.

When to take it?

Drink two glasses of this liver cleansing juice per day. One glass in the morning and then another one in the evening, two hours before bed.

The Benefits of the Ingredients

  • Celery seed extracts were found beneficial in reducing the blood pressure and bad cholesterol and keep the liver safe from damage. Its mild diuretic properties help it cleanse toxins and other pathogens from the body.
  • Ginger is helpful for people with liver injury caused by non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It may also be of aid in removing fat deposits in the liver and even reverse the condition.
  • Red cabbage is known to boost the liver enzyme productions, reduce the lipid imbalance, and avert inflammation. All of these things speed up the process of the healing of this organ.
  • Lemon juice and its peel is rich in nutrients that keep the liver safe from inflammation and oxidative stress. They also help reduce the level of cholesterol in the liver and blood.
  • Pears are abundant in pectin that may be of aid for gallstone treatment. When there are gallstones, the gallbladder stores the bile produced by the liver. And, when full of stones, the liver may not have enough bile and this could increase the risk of injuries and stress.
  • The vitamin K in mint helps relieve damage from cirrhosis or liver scarring, including the bleeding and bruising caused by enlarged veins.