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The Vegan Apple Loaf Cake that Went Viral

This vegan apple cake is so good, sweet, and moist. It’s ideal for plant-based people and when you want to use the apples in your home that are becoming a bit too soft. This recipe asks for apple butter that you can make on your own or purchase it in […]

Super Soft Sourdough Vegan Milk Bread

If you’ve recently gone vegan, you’ll love this super soft and delicious sourdough made with vegan milk. Thanks to the Tangzhong method used in the recipe, the bread allows the flour to absorb more water and makes the bread moister, softer, and fresher for long. It’s also ideal for the […]

Tasty & Healthy: Detox Soup to Flush Out Surplus Weight

Tasty & Healthy: Detox Soup to Flush Out Surplus Weight

This soup that we discovered over at Clean Food House does not just allow complete enjoyment for your taste buds, but it also supplies your body with important nutrients. For the preparation, you will need 40 minutes; but, believe us, it is definitely worth it! Abundant in veggies and other […]