Tasty & Healthy: Detox Soup to Flush Out Surplus Weight

This soup that we discovered over at Clean Food House does not just allow complete enjoyment for your taste buds, but it also supplies your body with important nutrients. For the preparation, you will need 40 minutes; but, believe us, it is definitely worth it!

Abundant in veggies and other healthy ingredients like the Ayurvedic spice mix; this soup is highly recommendable for people who need to lose a few pounds. Even children love it so it will be an excellent way to boost their diet. Come on; let us check out the recipe below!

DIY Detox Soup Recipe

You will need:

A cup of the following veggies: celery, string beans, yellow or red peppers, and onions

½ cup of root veggies (beets or carrots)

A cup of baby greens mixture (spinach, chard, and kale)

½ cup of red kidney beans, optional

3 tsp of Ayurvedic spice mix (turmeric, clove, cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, coriander)

2 cups of veggie stock, homemade and fresh

½ tsp of garlic and ginger paste, minced

A cup of water

Sea salt, to taste

A soup pot

Preparation: First, you need to steam-cook the root veggies separately. Then, in a big pot, add the Ayurvedic spices and bring them to low heat. Fry-roast the mixture until a pleasant aroma begins to spread. Now, add the other veggies and sauté them together for a couple of minutes. Next, pour a cup of veggie stock and leave the content to simmer and cover it with a lid.

After 20 minutes or once the veggies become mushy and translucent, add the remaining stock and the chopped veggies. Simmer for 10 more minutes. Now, add the root veggies and water, as well as salt. Simmer for 5 more minutes. Turn off the stove and serve while warm. Enjoy!

This soup makes an excellent meal for people who enjoy eating soup; people who need to eat healthier, people who want to lose weight, and people who are running out of ideas about what to prepare for the upcoming holidays!




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