The Essential Oil that Promotes Hair Growth, Relieves Constipation & Fights Off Fungal Infections

Have you heard of the spikenard plant? It is a plant native to India, China, and the Himalayas and it has pink, bell-shaped flowers and hair spikes shooting out from the roots. It has a sweet, heavy, and spicy odor and a variety of health advantages. Moreover, the spikenard essential oil, which is derived from this plant, is believed to have the power to treat digestive problems, lower negative stress, and put an end to insomnia.

8 Health Benefits of Spikenard Essential Oil

  1. Stops insomnia

The calming characteristics of this oil are highly advantageous for people suffering from insomnia. Diffuse the oil into your bedroom prior to sleep to alleviate anxiety, regulate the blood pressure, and help fall asleep fast.

  1. Alleviates constipation

This oil is known for its laxative properties that can be of great aid for poor digestion, constipation, as well as flatulence.

  1. Helps the hair grow

Back in 2011, a research team found that this oil has the capacity to encourage the growth of the hair and slow down the graying process. In order to treat loss of hair, apply several drops of the oil onto the scalp or add 5 drops to your regular hair conditioner.

  1. Induces relaxation

Its sedative abilities are great for when you are stressed, angry, aggressive, or restless. Diffuse or inhale the oil for immediate relaxation and a calming sensation.

  1. Reduces inflammation

Chronic inflammation is the major cause for a long list of health problems. Namely, a 2010 study indicates that this essential oil successfully lowered the seriousness of acute pancreatitis and lung injury associated with pancreatitis.

  1. Fights off bad bacteria and fungi

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of this essential oil are highly recommendable for speeding up the healing of minor wounds and infections. When topically applied, it is also beneficial against toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.

  1. Strengthens the immunity

This oil has antioxidative characteristics and it is known to alleviate oxidative stress and make the immunity stronger.

  1. Keeps the ovaries and uterus healthy

This oil has a stimulative effect on the uterus and ovaries and it will purify them from all bacteria and toxins and it can also reduce PMS symptoms like cramps and bloating.