9 Signs You’re Overstressed And Don’t Know It

As many of you may already know, stress has the power to cause havoc in the body and trigger different health problems. Moreover, exposure to daily stress can weaken the immunity and make you more prone to different viruses and infections, as well as Parkinson’s.

What Stress Does to Your Body?

  • The colon and the stomach shut down
  • As the body requires more blood, it starts taking it from the colon and stomach
  • The organs age quicker due to the insufficient blood levels
  • Food starts to build up in the colon

The Major Symptoms of being too Stressed

  • Reduced sex drive

Too much stress is known to lower the secretion of the hormones for sexual activity.

  • Poor sleep

Stress can lead to changes in one’s sleeping patterns and you will have a problem falling or staying asleep throughout the night.

  • Physical ache

Too much stress can decrease the body’s functions and this is often manifested through tension in the muscles, ulcers, chest pain, ulcers, diarrhea, arthritis, headaches, etc.

  • Anxiousness

Prolonged exposure to stress can lead to anxious feelings and restlessness.

  • Gain of weight

Weight variations are very common in people exposed to high levels of stress. One may experience a reduction in appetite and consequently loss of weight whereas others will be more prone to gain of weight due to the metabolism slowing down.

  • Changes in mood

Did you know that chronic stress influences the hormones and mood?

  • Loss of hair

According to experts, very often, chronic stress is associated with loss of hair due to the changes in the body’s physiologic functions.

  • You think too much about work

Not being able to focus on anything else while you are at home, besides work, could be a result of too much stress. Also, you may be too obsessed with finances.

  • Lack of patience

When a person is overly stressed, he or she is known to be angrier, more irritated, as well as impatient.