11 True Causes of Fibromyalgia Your Doctor Will never Tell You about

As seen on Organic Solutions Portal, according to estimates, fibromyalgia affects one in every fifty people or six million people throughout the world. Fibromyalgia is described as a condition manifested by symptoms such as chronic and muscle ache, chronic tiredness, brain fog, cognition-related issues, sleeping issues, and depression.

Unfortunately, the exact cause of fibromyalgia remains unknown and until now, there has not been a cure for it. The usual therapy is consisted of antidepressants and painkillers. But, according to functional medicine, everything is being done to determine the root cause in order to discover a good and effective treatment that will improve the quality of life of these people.

Below, check the 11 possible causes of fibromyalgia according to functional medicine.

11 Potential Causes of Fibromyalgia

  1. Gluten intolerance

Once upon a time, medicine was not aware of the damage gluten can do to our body. Nowadays, gluten intolerance has been linked with more than 55 illnesses. The biggest problem with this substance is that the main signs do not have to do with the digestion, but are more of neurological nature, including sleeping issues, depression, changes in mood, tiredness, and general pain.

  1. Candida overgrowth

This yeast infection can sometimes be present in the intestines. When treated timely, it usually does not cause bigger problems; however, when it spreads and breaks the intestinal walls, it can penetrate the blood and intoxicate the whole body and thus, result in symptoms like pain, memory issues, and tiredness.

  1. Adrenal fatigue

Chronic and excessive stress may cause adrenal fatigues and the adrenal glands are further being stressed by chronic ache, food intolerances, Candida overgrowth, mercury toxicity, as well as vitamin deficiencies, as explained on Healing Life Is Natural. A great way to offer support to your adrenal glands is to start consuming adaptogenic herbs.

  1. Lack of glutathione

This pivotal antioxidant plays a crucial role in the body’s detoxification processes and some experts believe that taking glutathione has the power to minimize chronic fatigue, which is a common symptom experienced in fibromyalgia patients.

  1. Mercury toxicity

Mercury poisoning can be associated with neurological disorders, chronic tiredness, autoimmune illnesses, and even cancer. Since it is highly toxic, you should avoid it completely. If you happen to have amalgam feelings, make sure you replace them with biological ones.

  1. Thyroid disorders

Did you know that thyroid-related disorders are often characterized by depression, changes in mood, tiredness, brain fog, and sleeping problems? Therefore, make sure you do a checkup of your thyroid hormones and in case they are off balance and find out how to optimize their levels and alleviate the symptoms.

  1. Insufficient nutrients

Often times, fibromyalgia patients are also lacking an essential vitamin such as vitamin B12 or D or a mineral such as magnesium. Therefore, many claim that addressing one’s nutrient deficiency may alleviate fibromyalgia.

  1. Mycotoxins

Did you know that toxic mold releases toxic compounds known as mycotoxins? According to some estimates, around ¼ of the worldwide population is thought to have the gene which makes them prone to the damaging effects of these toxins. Unfortunately, there is still no method available to test their presence in our body.

  1. Leaky gut

Food intolerances can lead to leaky gut and this turns into a vicious cycle once is starts. Therefore, fixing your gut first before addressing any other health problem is essential.

  1. Bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine

As seen on Organic Solutions Portal, excessive amount of bad bacteria in the body can decrease the functioning of the digestion and nutrient absorption, mostly because of a poor diet, i.e. a diet full of artificial sugars and overuse of antibiotics.

  1. MTHFR mutations

MTHFR is an enzyme which the body requires for a crucial metabolic process known as methylation. During this process, the folate and folic acid are being transformed into active forms and made available for the body to use. When there is a MTHFR mutation in the body, you lose the capacity to methylate and remove all dangerous toxins, including lead and mercury, from the body.





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