5 Early Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer every Woman Should Know

As seen on Health, learning to recognize the warning symptoms of ovarian cancer can make a huge difference. Unfortunately, cancer is among the major causes of death cases worldwide. When it comes to ovarian cancer, it happens only in women and it affects the ovaries. A lot of times, it is referred to as the silent killer due to the lack of visible symptoms and the difficulty of being detected on screenings.

As noted on Health, in a lot of women, ovarian cancer is not detected until it enters the third or fourth stage due to the abundance of space in the abdomen and pelvis area. This provides sufficient room for the organs to move as the cancerous cells to spread, which masks the symptoms. Once there is no more free space left, a patient usually begins experiencing some of the potential symptoms.

This being said, this article will present the major symptoms that ovarian cancer patients have reported experiencing prior to their diagnosis.

5 Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer

  1. Bloating in the abdominal area

Bloating in the belly area that does not go away is common indicator that an ovarian tumor may be growing in your body. The sooner you consult your physician to determine the cause of the abdominal swelling, the better.

  1. Feeling full fast

Not being able to eat as you usually do and feeling sated very fast could be a symptom of ovarian cancer. The fluid buildup (known as ascites) causing some ovarian cancer patients to experience bloating may also be the main culprit for the reduction in the appetite.

  1. Strong cramps

Experiencing strong cramps during your menstrual period is not uncommon. However, dealing with cramps outside of your menstrual period in the abdominal part of the body is a definite sign to consult your physician.

  1. Pain in the back

According to Health, women who have ovarian cancer may be prone to back ache once the fluid fills the pelvis or when the cancer has spread in the pelvis or abdomen, and has begun pressuring the tissue in the lower back. Although chronic back ache may be a symptom of numerous other health issues, it requires immediate medical attention.

  1. Increased need for urination

If you have been constantly feeling a strong urge to urinate (more frequently than usually) without actually increasing your liquid intake may be a common early sign of ovarian cancer. A lot of women who have battled ovarian cancer also report being unable to hold it in and feeling a sudden urge to urinate.




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