6 Major Warning Signs Your Body Gives before a Heart Attack

Without doubt, preventing a problem is better than curing it and this applies to any illness and is especially important when the symptoms are not adequately acknowledged. Hence, as seen on Bright Side, there are specific symptoms that may happen a month or earlier before a heart attack and being more aware of your health is never a bad idea. By recognizing these signs, you will be able to recognize if you or your loved ones are at risk.

Below, check out the major indicators of a heart attack.

6 Main Signs of a Heart Attack

  1. Tiredness

Feeling fatigued even after you have rested or slept is a common sign of a heart attack and it is usually more present in women than in men. The tiredness usually elevates as the day goes by. Sometimes, one will find it very tiring to perform even the simplest of tasks like making your bed or taking a bath.

  1. Abdominal ache

An upset stomach, bloating, and nausea are a common sign of heart attacks and they can happen in both men and women. The pain usually comes and goes in episodes and physical tension may make the stomach ache and discomfort worse.

  1. Sleeplessness

Insomnia is known to increase one’s chance of heart attacks and strokes and it is more common in women. Insomnia is usually manifested through high levels of anxiousness and feeling absent-minded. One finds it difficult to fall and stay asleep and they usually wake up rather early and feel tired throughout the whole day as a result of the lack of sleep.

  1. Shortness of breath

This strong feeling is manifested through an inability to take a deep breath and it may take place even 6 months before an actual heart attack. Therefore, if you happen to feel without enough air or dizzy, make sure you consult your physician as soon as possible.

  1. Loss of hair

Excessive hair loss is a visible symptom of heart illness and it usually happens in men over 50, but it can also be seen in women. Therefore, pay attention to your hair, especially if you happen to lose a lot of hair in the crown area of the head.

  1. Irregular heartbeats

Skipped beats, usually followed by anxiety and panic attacks are very frequent among women. They happen all of a sudden and the irregular heartbeat may last from one to two minutes. One may also experience excessive tiredness and dizziness as well.




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