Cancer Dies When You Eat These 7 Foods. Time To Start Eating Them!

As noted on The Science of Eating, recent medical research concluded that there are seven specific foods and drinks that are highly beneficial in the fight against cancer due to having powerful cancer-suppressing characteristics. They are also considered to be more potent than chemotherapy; what’s more, they are among the top favorite beverages and drinks of all times! These are green tea, red wine, dark chocolate, turmeric, raspberries, tomatoes, and blueberries. They have anti-angiogenesis characteristics which suppress the blood flow to the cancer cells.

The Role of Angiogenesis

The process of blood vessel creation is known as angiogenesis and it is more active in some periods of life, for example, in newborns. Later on in life, this process lowers and it is the activators and inhibitor molecules are in charge of the regulation of this process. Activators of angiogenesis enhance the growth of the vascular cells for the creation of new blood cells. Once they are entirely developed, cancer cells release the activators due to the need for additional blood vessels for nutrition.

Hence, there are pharmaceutical drugs known as Inhibitors of Angiogenesis and they are different from chemo because they do not fight off cancerous cells but instead avert the supply of blood to the cancerous cells.

7 Optimal Anti-Cancer Foods

  1. Turmeric

As found by a study done in 2011, curcumin extract (curcumin is turmeric’s active ingredient) can make a distinction between cancerous and normal cells and activate apoptosis, i.e. death of cancer cells. It is also great in melting surplus fat, which is great if you need or want to lose weight!

  1. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a healthy sweet which is good for the heart, mood, and it can also fight off cancerous cells. This type of chocolate, either 70 or 75 percent cocoa is rich in antioxidants, flavonols, and minerals and according to The Science of Eating; it can minimize the chance for breast, prostate, lung, and skin cancer too.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are abundant in lycopene, an anti-angiogenic substance which is broken down in the fat and absorbed through the digestive tract. In a study, lycopene was found to intercept the ability of cancer cells to make the connections so that it binds to a healthy supply of blood. Another research done at Harvard discovered that the participants who ate tomato sauce or cooked tomato more than 4 times per one month had a lower risk of prostate cancer by 50 percent.

  1. Blueberries

This tasty fruit contains phenolic compounds and it therefore possesses strong antioxidant ability. There has also been scientific evidence from several studies suggesting the capacity of the active ingredients in blueberries to fight off cancer. They are best for lowering oxidative stress and averting angiogenesis.

  1. Red wine

Resveratrol is a potent component present in red wine and it has antioxidant properties and as seen on The Science of Eating, studies have shown that this substance can destroy viruses, fungi, and bacteria. What’s more, it has other beneficial uses like better physical and mental health, removal of free radicals, better heart function, enhanced energy production of cells, etc. Opt for 200 to 600 mcg of resveratrol per day.

  1. Raspberries

Raspberries, i.e. the black ones are abundant in anthocyanins and as noted on The Truth about Cancer, this compound can fight off illnesses triggered by oxidative stress and free radicals like cancer, chronic inflammation, and heart disease.

7. Black coffee

Black coffee without sugar is abundant in anti-cancer properties and it also has strong antioxidant capacity which may impede the negative impact of free radicals on the bodily tissues.



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