What Happens To Your Body One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke

These days, an infographic about the impact of Coca Cola an hour after being consumed is trending on the internet and social media. The post is consisted of information about the minute-by-minute effects taking place in the body upon the entering of fizzy drinks in the human body. The infographic is based on an article written by Wade Meredith in order to show individuals why soda drinks are not healthy and why should they be avoided!

What Happens an Hour after You Drink a Soda Beverage?

  • 10 minutes

Did you know that one can of coke is equal to eating 10 tsp of sugar or 100 percent more than the recommended daily amount of sugar?! The absence of vomiting or nausea due to excess sugar does not happen because the phosphoric acid in the drink tames down the flavor and averts one from becoming sick due to the overload of sweetness.

  • 20 minutes

Since the levels of sugar are pretty high now, a hormone known as insulin elevates and the liver reacts to this elevation by transforming the surplus sugar into a lot of fat.

  • 40 minutes

At this point, the caffeine has been absorbed into the body and it reacts to it through dilated pupils and higher blood pressure, resulting into more sugar being released into the blood from the liver. Moreover, the brain is influenced negatively because the receptors that receive adenosine, a central nervous system depressant, becomes blocked which results in a state of being “high”.

  • 45 minutes

45 minutes after you have consumed a can of Coke, you will experience higher dopamine levels in the body and the brain parts which are responsible for providing a feeling of pleasure are now activated, similarly to what happens with heroin, a dangerous and highly addictive drug.

  • 60 minutes

An hour after drinking Coke, your metabolism accelerates as the phosphoric acid binds to the magnesium, zinc, and calcium from the large intestine. The levels of calcium have now been lowered and the surplus sugar is being expelled through the urine. You will therefore urinate more, which will lead to the removal of a large amount of electrolytes and water instead of being transported into different body parts for nutrition. This is also the point when a sugar crash happens due to the boosted bodily actions decreasing in strength. You will become easily irritable and dehydrated.

You want to check out the infographic? No worries, you can find it below:



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