Cupping Therapy can Reduce Pain, Boost the Immunity & Improve the Digestion

Cupping therapy is an alternative therapeutic method which has been popular and common in China since approximately 1000 B.C. According to Draxe, variations of cupping practices might actually be much older and date as far back as 3000 B.C. With certainty, this therapy has a long list of advantages for the overall health and some believe that it is in fact more beneficial than some modern medical techniques.

What’s more, alternative practices like this one or others, such as massages and acupuncture, do not pose a threat for your health, which is not necessarily the case with surgery and pharmaceuticals. Hence, some studies show that cupping can better the immunity and speed up the healing, among other things.

If you still have doubts whether cupping is a therapy for you, continue reading the article to learn more about how it can improve your health!

What Is Cupping?

The therapist applies special cups onto the skin and leaves them there for several minutes in order to produce suction. The glasses can vary in material, i.e. they can be made from bamboo, silicon, glass, or earthenware. Also, it is worth pointing out that cupping can be of two kinds, that is, wet or dry. When the cup is removed, the therapist makes small cuts on the skin and pulls out a small amount of blood. In most cases, an antibiotic ointment or a bandage is recommended to avert infection and the skin goes back to its normal look within 10 days.

The 5 Top Healing Benefits of Cupping

  1. Lowers pain

As seen on Draxe, one report showed that cupping minimized the ache in individuals with low back problems, was beneficial in alleviating cancer ache when compared with analgesics and anti-cancer meds, and reduced respiratory ache. This alternative therapy is believed to relax the muscles, relieve stiffness associated with neck and back ache, as well as tiredness, rheumatism, and migraines.

  1. Encourages deep relaxation

As opposed to what you may think at first, cupping may actually lower physical pain and help you get into a more relaxed state due to its ability to sedate the central nervous system, similarly to acupuncture, which one might assume it hurts and it is uncomfortable when in fact it decreases the stress responses and protects from anxiety and depression. Once the cups are placed, the patient needs to stay still for up to 20 minutes which “enforces” silence and stillness on patients, including those who lead busy lives. What’s more, it has a soothing effect due to the cups removing the tension from the muscles and providing a relaxing feel.

  1. Betters the digestion

Cupping may be able to help with IBS and better the overall digestion by decreasing one’s response to stress which may be linked with the digestion. It is recommendable for people suffering from common stomach ache, acute gastritis, diarrhea, poor appetite, and water retention.

  1. Relieves colds and respiratory problems

Cupping is known to nourish the lungs and expel surplus phlegm and clear out congestion, which is highly beneficial during respiratory diseases such as the flu or a cold. This therapy will enhance the immunity and help with lung illnesses, infections, asthma, and allergies.

  1. Revitalizes the skin

Cupping betters the blood flow and expands the capillaries and it is therefore used by people who want to have a more toned skin and it is also used to treat herpes, acne, skin inflammation, and cellulite.



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