This Powerful Tea Can Help You Cure Swollen Legs In Days

Unfortunately, having swollen legs is an unpleasant health problem which may lower one’s quality of life and ruin your self-confidence. The main causes for it vary from weight gain, poor blood flow, unhealthy diet, pregnancy to external factors like hot weather, changes in temperature, humidity, and of course, gravity. It may develop in both men and women and a lot of them would like to know fast, effective, and easily affordable methods to alleviate this condition which can be quite uncomfortable and painful.

How to Naturally Reduce Swelling in the Legs

As explained on Health and Love Page, if you are struggling with swollen legs, lie down and elevate the legs up to 30 cm. This is a temporary fix to swollen legs so this is why we also decided to present a natural remedy to successfully remove all surplus fluid from the body and thus, minimize the swelling in the legs. It is easily affordable and has no side effects as it is the case with pharmaceuticals.

Parsley Tea: The Solution to Swollen Legs

Did you know that parsley is a natural diuretic that has a long list of health advantages for the overall health and well-being? Namely, according to a study from 2002, parsley successfully inhibited the sodium and potassium ion pumps and encouraged flow of urine and osmosis. What’s more, this diuretic will not lower your potassium levels as it is the case with other diuretics. Parsley is also potent enough to balance the blood pressure.

According to Health and Love Page, to treat swollen legs or edema, the recommended amount is 64 oz. of parsley tea. To reap the full benefits of parsley, it should be used whole and raw, together with the leaves and roots because they are also known to possess important healing characteristics.

Recipe for Parsley Tea

You will need:

500 ml of boiling water

5 tbsp of fresh parsley leaves and roots, finely chopped

Preparation: Add the parsley leaves and roots into the boiling water and cover the content and leave it to cool down. After 20 minutes, strain it into a cup and drink it.

Use: Consume one cup of the tea three times per day. The first visible results are within several days.

Before you head out, do not miss out this amazing video on parsley and its capacity to help you put an end to swollen legs once and for all: