12 Ways Our Bodies Tell Us that We Are Stressed

A lot of people use the wrong remedy to address their chronic ache and this is usually a result of not finding the underlying reason for their problem. Did you know that one of the most commonly-overlooked triggers of chronic ache is stress? Namely, as seen on The Hearty Soul, people who frequently experience anxiety and stress have more constricted muscles, resulting in more tiredness and cramps as the time goes by, as well as headaches.

Emotional problems can also lead to chronic pain and in a lot of situations; physical ache is in a way a warming that there is some emotional improvement that has to be done. With this in mind, this article will showcase the major emotions that may be the trigger of pain in some body parts.

Stress May Cause Physical Pain in these 12 Body Areas

  1. Neck

Feeling resentment can have a negative impact on the neck. Even though it may be hard for you to forgive and let go, changing your attitude may be worth the shot. Instead of focusing on the negativity in life, concentrate more on the things you love, your one-of-a-kind abilities, and your achievements.

  1. Shoulders

Indecisiveness or having to make difficult decisions may trigger pain in the shoulders. To lighten the pressure, share your concerns with a close family member or a friend. Even though this may not always bring a solution forward, it surely does alleviate the tension and may help you find the solution on your own.

  1. Upper back

This type of pain may be a result of feeling unappreciated by family or friends or having fear of love. To prevent this from happening, communication is vital- try to reconnect with the people you love and do not be afraid to meet new ones. Always take a friendly approach and never save on words of affection.

  1. Lower back

Being obsessed with money or having a fear of loss may lead to pain in the lower region of the back. To stop this, you need to realize that money cannot buy happiness and one does not need wealth to lead a happy life. Profit will follow once you do what you love the most.

  1. Elbows

As human beings, changes and new things are not readily acceptable. The main reason for this problem is our illogical stubbornness, which may also cause pain in the joints. To address this issue, we need to remember that life is not as complicated as we make it appear and we should never waste our precious time on things that we cannot change.

  1. Hips

When people lead rather predictable lifestyles, when new situations happen, they may trigger pain in the hip area as a sign of the fear of change. To alleviate it, you need to take into consideration that life is interesting because of its unpredictability and think of it as an adventure and never postpone big and important decisions.

  1. Hands

Introverts may face hand pain due to the lack of companionship. This type of discomfort may be a signal that it is time to get out of your shell and try to make and meet more people and feel as part of the crowd by attending more concerts or sports events.

  1. Calves

Being jealous or feeling possessive in a relationship can be strenuous and lead to calf pain. To stop it, learn to be more trusting in your friends and partners and avoid trying to control them.

  1. Knees

Knee pain may be an indicator of a strong ego. However, an inflated ego is never good because the world does not spin around you and you need to be more attentive about the problems of other people because you never lose when you give- you only feel more fulfilled.

  1. Feet

The pain in your feet that you have been experiencing lately could be a result of emotions like apathy or feeling that everything is wrong. To address this emotion and deal with the pain, it is never a bad idea to be more attentive to the beauty of life and include all five senses for an optimal experience. Try new things that may interest you and smile and laugh more with the people you love.

  1. Ankles

Sometimes, due to being overly busy, we forget to dedicate time to self care and we may neglect our needs and stop fulfilling our dreams. To address this issue, you need to “break free”. Buy that expensive bike you have been thinking off, go to bed an hour earlier, or take a trip to your favorite country.

  1. Head

Frequent headaches may be triggered by constantly worrying about little things. Try to find more time to relax without thinking about your problems or feeling guilty. The peace and quiet you get will help you boost your productivity.