Baking Soda: the True Enemy of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Believe it or not, something as simple and as cheap as baking soda can be even better than pharmaceuticals in treating health problems. For a long period of time, baking soda has been used by many as a natural cure for common colds and help with numerous other health issues, including the ability to fight off cancer.

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is an all-natural substance which is safe for everyone. It is also environmentally-friendly, which is great, if we take into consideration that a lot of dangerous toxins and chemicals have been affecting it negatively.

Learning more about Baking Soda

Baking soda is naturally found in the soil, ocean, in our bodies, and food, according to Healthy Holistic Living. It is known to be a neutralizer of numerous other compounds, which makes it highly beneficial as a natural cure during this time of “high toxicity”. A lot of people use it on a regular basis to address the toxicity of chemo and radiation and prevent it from damaging the kidneys.

The Relation between Baking Soda & Asthma

Serious asthma in children can often be resistant to the conventional treatment approach with bronchodilators and systemic corticosteroids. One recent research points out that administering baking soda intravenously can boost the pH and PCO2 in children suffering from this illness.

Baking Soda & Cancer

The University of Arizona is currently researching baking soda as a potential cure for cancer. Together with his team, Robert J. Gillies proved that when pre-treated with baking soda, the cancerous area in laboratory mice was successfully alkalinized. This treatment was also found to boost the anti-tumor capacity of other anti-cancer meds. Researchers have reported, as noted on Healthy Holistic Living, that baking soda elevates the pH of tumors and prevents metastases.

The Problem with Acidity

Over the years, as a result of the modern-day diets and other contributing factors, acidic bodies have become a serious concern. Disrupted pH in the body will damage the cellular activities and functions and further decrease the pH. An overly acidic pH will cause cellular deterioration and pave the way for serious health issues like diabetes, cancer, heart problems, heartburn, and osteoporosis. This is where baking soda comes, i.e. it has alkalizing properties and it can help restore the balance in the body.

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