This 95-Year Old Yogi Says We can Live to Be 130. This Is His Secret

According to Metro UK, Kazim Gurbuz is a 95-year old yogi from Turkey who claims that everyone can live up to 130 years; what is necessary is to apply the mind. He believes that his optimal health and youthful appearance are a result of doing daily yoga, sun salutations, and following a diet abundant in superfoods.

He notes that he began to live a healthy lifestyle after hurting his back at the age of 41 and as a result, he was paralyzed from the waist down; the doctors told him that he would not be able to walk again. But, he proved them wrong. Let us learn what happened…

Kazim’s Amazing & Inspiring Story

According to Kazim, he cured himself when he allowed his friends to crack his bones back into position and because he started experimenting with yoga and careful stretching. After doing 63 experiments on himself, he felt as if he was reborn and 9 months afterwards, he started to walk. But, he does not think that this is a miracle, for him, the recovery was a result of his dedication and mental effort.

He believes that we can use our brain power if applied properly and that our brain is capable of regenerating the muscles and the nervous system. Today, he is 95, fit, and healthy and is convinced that anyone can follow his footsteps and live more than 100 years.

His day is consisted of yoga exercises on the daily, swimming, and a meat-free diet. He eats a lot of pinto beans, peppers, soup, olives, herbal tea, and consumes a spoon of raw honey on the daily.

Kazim also claims that he is able to hold his breath for 4 to 5 minutes, have 3 to 5 orgasms per day, and hold the knot pose for 48 hours! For him, the trick to living a quality and long life is taking good care of our body.




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