Eight 5-Minute Morning Rituals to Supercharge Your Mind, Body & Metabolism

Although “Start the Day Right” seems like a good way of thinking, how are you supposed to establish a morning routine which has the power to maintain your happiness and health and keep you fit at the same time with so many other activities you have going on? Believe it or not, it is a lot easier than you may actually think.

According to Healing Life Is Natural, with the help of these eight 5-minute morning practices, you will increase the chances of having a productive and great day ahead. Let us check them out below…

The 8 Best Morning Rituals

  • Stretch

Although sleep plays a pivotal role in maintaining our health optimal, the body may often become stiff due to the improper sleeping positions we choose or the poor sleeping surfaces we sleep on. Stretch the back with a Child’s pose and then stretch the neck, shoulders, calves, and hamstrings too.

  • Avoid snooze

Hitting the snooze button is never a good idea because you will be more stressed and pressured due to having less time to do your morning chores like making breakfast or taking the children to school. Find an alarm tune that works fine for you and ensure that it is not too loud or too quiet; go with a pleasant tune and turn the alarm off, do the stretching, and hop out of bed.

  • Drink a cup of warm lemon water

An upset stomach is not good for the energy. This being said, improve your digestion by drinking a cup of warm lemon water in the morning. This will stimulate the removal of toxins from the body, make the environment in the body more alkaline, and boost your metabolism.

  • Work out in the morning

Doing your workouts in the morning will get the heart pumping and blood flow going and this will increase your alertness. Also, regular physical activity is known to increase the energy levels so you will feel less fatigued or depressed during the day.

  • Meditate

A clear head, as explained on Real Farmacy, preserves your focus and you will easily manage your daily tasks. Dedicate a couple of minutes in the morning to a meditation session in a quiet and comfy area of your home. Listen to some relaxing tunes while meditating and remember to concentrate on your breathing.

  • Iron-rich breakfast

Breakfast, as many of you may probably already know, is the most important meal of the day; however, if it is lacking in iron, then you will not have the much needed energy later on in the day. Therefore, opt for healthy meals that will boost your iron levels, for example, eggs, green leafy veggies, beans, tofu, or peanut butter.

  • Do not oversleep on weekends

Despite establishing a routine during the weekend, you may mess it up if you tend to oversleep during Saturdays and Sundays. Do your best to wake up at the same time even on weekends and have sufficient time to dedicate to workouts, be more productive, and finally stop fearing Mondays.

  • Read after waking up

Waking up your mind in the morning can be done by reading a newspaper, your favorite book, or by checking your work emails. Avoid doing this at night, before going to bed.