Even Doctors Are Stunned By This Incredible Recipe: It Promotes Liver Health & You Will Look 10 Years Younger

As seen on Liver Doctor, the liver is the largest and hardest-working organ in our bodies and according to Chinese, the liver also stores the energy, known as the chi. Certainly, the liver receives a lot of blood which it needs to filter and detoxify and it can therefore be looked at as a big filter which is constantly eliminating dead cells, drugs, toxic chemicals, surplus fat, and different microorganism from the blood.

These functions avert these dangerous substances from entering the heart from where the immunity would need to manage the overload of toxins. This being said, many consider the liver to be the protector of the immunity, i.e. when it works properly, it prevents the immunity from being overwhelmed.

A lot of People Deal with Overloaded Livers

Unfortunately, nowadays, we are too exposed to pollution and our livers are working harder than ever before in preserving our health. There has been a rise hepatitis C and B viruses which are known to attack the liver due to poor hygiene and international travel. As noted on Liver Doctor, when the liver does not properly manage the metabolism of fat, one becomes more prone to health-related complications like obesity, high cholesterol, and fatty liver.

With this in mind, it is pivotal to support and better the functioning of our liver by introducing the right lifestyle and diet changes. For starters, you should make sure that 30 percent of your meals include fruits and veggies and to also up the intake of unprocessed foods abundant in minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. And, of course, to further cleanse the liver of accumulated toxins and help it work better, you should incorporate the following all-natural remedy to your daily diet. Check out the recipe below.

Liver-Cleansing DIY Remedy

You will need:

4 organic lemons

2 organic cucumbers

400 ml of water

Parsley, two handfuls

Preparation: In a blender, place all of the ingredients and blend for several minutes until you get a homogeneous mixture. Transfer it into a glass and drink it.

Use: Opt for 2 glasses of the remedy per day for a period of 30 days. If you want to continue with the treatment process, pause with the consumption for two weeks and then continue for 30 more days.




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