Foods that Can Help You Nourish Your Pineal Gland

As seen on Global Healing Center, if you are in search of enlightenment through meditation or if you merely want to be able to get a quality sleep at night, you need to maintain your pineal gland healthy.

Also known as the third eye, this pinecone-shaped endocrine organ is found in the brain and releases and balances the melatonin levels. This is the hormone which regulates some sex hormones and the circadian rhythms.

The Best Foods for the Pineal Gland

If you follow an unhealthy diet, you are more prone to calcification. The mineral balance in the body is often imbalanced by the excessive exposure to fluoride and phosphorus, which contributes to the calcification that is known to impede the natural rhythms and hormones. One of the best ways to stop this is to avoid eating unhealthy foods and to reduce your exposure to fluoride.

Also, make sure to implement the following five foods to your diet to encourage the decalcification and to support the health of the pineal gland, according to Global Healing Center:

  1. Beets or homemade beet juice

Beets are known to contain boron, an element which will regulate the calcium levels and eliminate metals and fluoride from the body. The vitamin B from beets will maintain your energy levels optimal and improve cellular health too.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Raw and organic apple cider vinegar is rich in malic acid, a compound which cleanses the body of metals and it can also encourage the removal of aluminum from the body. It can be of aid in fighting off kidney stones, alleviating gout symptoms, decreasing your blood pressure, and regulating your glucose. Mix a cup of water with a tbsp of vinegar and honey and drink it on the daily.

  1. Chlorella

Chlorella is abundant in essential minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins and it can assist the body in expelling all metal toxins and it will contribute to higher oxygen levels, less damaged tissues, and a strong immunity. This will in turn decrease the pineal gland calcification.

  1. Oregano oil

Oregano oil has been proven as a potent method for removing microbes and other bad organisms. It will strengthen the immunity and thus, better the body’s capacity to eliminate unwanted organisms before it attacks the tissues in the pineal gland.

  1. Iodine

If you elevate your iodine intake, you will decrease the negative impact of fluoride on the organs. You can acquire it from foods like broccoli, seaweed, fish, and spinach. You can also consult your physician about the best iodine supplements. Iodine is an amazing way to better the health of the thyroid gland, strengthen the immunity, and maintain a healthy pineal gland.




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