How a 70-Year Old Woman Who Went Sugar-Free 28 Years ago Looks like Today

As seen on Life Coach Code, 30 years ago,a woman named Carolyn Hartz stopped eating processed sugar after years of being “addicted” to sweets. Today, she has an amazing body and a glowing complexion that a lot of people who are much younger than her often dream of having.

She states that in order to be able to have what we want; we need to take the right action. At the age of 70, Hartz firmly believes that it is never late to make a positive change in your life.

The Amazing Story of Carolyn Hartz

Even though our metabolism tends to slow down as we age, Hartz explains that what is necessary is to take the control in our hands and make smarter choices like eating better and being more physically active so that we can maintain an optimal metabolism. Also, she considers mindful eating to be a pivotal element of a healthy diet.

When we eat without paying attention to the food, i.e. if we eat mindlessly, we can easily gain weight. On the other hand, when you are aware of the amount of food you eat and what you eat, your chance of overeating is much lower.

Hartz’s Best Tips for a Youthful Look & a Healthy Life

First and foremost, Hartz advises readers to have a positive outlook on life and never allow aging to put you down. She believes that one of the major contributing factors to her slim figure and optimal health is her decision to go sugar-free 28 years ago. She decided to stop eating sugar after feeling that she was consuming too much of it.

Today, her diet is comprised of healthy foods and she makes sure protein is part of every meal, especially of breakfast. This helps her fight off cravings easily. However, she points out that one should never deprive themselves of the foods and drinks they enjoy the most. What is important is to control the amount you are eating.

Moreover, she emphasizes the importance of sleep and she tries to get the eight hours of sleep per night. Gratitude and meditation are also important, she explains. Interestingly, she has been practicing the same skin care regime since the age of 17. She advises women to always remove their makeup before bed and to remember to moisturize their facial and neck area at night, as well as the eye area.

She always applies sunscreen on a daily basis underneath her makeup and never sunbathes because of the damaging impact that the sun has on the skin. Last but not least, she recommends that you never compare yourself with others because everyone is unique in their own way.




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