While Thousands of People Evacuated from Hurricane Florence, Millions of Animals Drowned on Factory Farms

Due to the Hurricane Florence, numerous families from North Carolina have packed up most of their belongings and left their homes to avoid being flooded. Most of them have done everything they could to bring their cats, dogs, and other animal companions with them or at least place them somewhere safe during the storm, as explained on One Green Planet.

But, this basic right has not been given to the millions of trapped animals in North Carolina’s factory farms and a lot of them are already dead or trapped.

Factory Animals Are Being Left to Diet

Instead of being given the opportunity to be evacuated together with the people and pets, livestock in North Carolina remains closed in metal cages with no chance of escaping the extreme flooding.

Unfortunately, in Sanderson Farms, a meat production facility in the state, 1.7 million chickens have already died and the number is expected to rise and to also incorporate turkeys and pigs. With the persistent flooding, farmers are still unable to reach the buildings and rescue the surviving animals that have no food or clean water and are practically doomed! Terrifying and sad!

Companies Interested only in Profit Loss

The tragic loss of animal lives is just a profit loss for companies, as seen on One Green Planet. Namely, in a press release, Sanderson Farms describe the dead chicken as “destroyed due to flooding” as if they were disposables rather than living beings. According to Gene Baur from Farm Sanctuary, farm animals are highly abused and therefore, there were no efforts for relocation. Even though this would be logistically difficult to do, at least factory farms should not be built in areas that are prone to flooding.

Even if these creatures did not die in a flood, they would still experience a cruel and painful death at slaughterhouses so it is very difficult to say which one is worse.

Demand for Meat Continues

As much as we may try to ignore it, the reality is that our appetite for meat and dairy is the major culprit for the inhumane practices of the meat and dairy industries. Moreover, the demand for cheap animal protein in the U.S. has contributed to the increase in factory farming and the consequent animal abuse and neglect.

Ironically, animal agriculture is a significant contributing factor to climate change, which is making storms more potent; hence, regardless of the scenario, it is the innocent animals that pay the highest price.

Be the Change

You can be part of the change and help create a more sustainable and humane future for our children by ceasing your meat and dairy consumption and switching to plant-based options. Let us put an end to animal suffering once and for all and save our planet- it is the only one we have…