3 Things that Happen when You Put Your Legs Up against a Wall Daily

Even though doing new yoga poses on the daily is not your best skill, you may still want to reap the advantages of daily yoga, both mental and physical, as noted on Healthy Holistic Living. If this is the case with you, you should know that there are simple positions that will alleviate your practice without taking too much of your free time and spending time on performing them due to their difficulty. So, hop on your yoga mat and get ready for Viparita Karani.

Viparita Karani- Lake Pose or Legs-Up-the-Wall

This is considered to be one of the easiest and simplest yoga positions and almost everyone can do it in the comfort of their own home and their bedrooms. It is believed to help with excessive stress, anxiety, body ache, and muscle tightness. This pose is regularly practiced by athletes, dancers, and people who work in stressful environments to get the much needed relaxation after a long and busy day.

The Distinct Variations of the Lake Pose

Regardless of the option you choose, you will still be getting the benefits because yoga is a practice and it therefore allows you to begin with the most appropriate version for you. Gradually, you will work each of the poses better and eventually, be able to perform even more complicated versions if you want to.

Not doing the more complicated poses is also okay; what matters is to practice.

  1. The Simplest Form

Lie down on your back with the buttocks against the wall and extend the legs straight up the wall, hip-distance apart. If you need more comfort, prop the buttocks on a medium-sized pillow (especially if you are pregnant). Put the soles of the feet facing upwards toward the ceiling, but do not point the toes. Place the arms beside your body or fold them over the chest.

  1. Legs up in a wide “V” version

If you are in need of a deeper groin stretching, yet gentle, you can perform the same position, but instead of keeping the feet hip distance apart, spread them into a wider V pose.

  1. Soles together

This pose will enable a much deeper stretch in the groin area. Turn the knees outwards and put the soles of the feet together while the legs are fully pressing against the wall. Then, put the connected feet down closer to the pelvic area. Go slowly and breathe properly through the pose. Remember, though the pose offers a much bigger stretch, it should not be painful and you should never have to go against your body to maintain it. If this happens, then this pose is not yet for you. Go with the simpler versions shown above.

  1. The advanced legs-against-the-wall pose

This pose is recommendable for people with a higher level of stability, balance, and mobility. Whenever you feel that you are ready for a more challenging legs-against-the-wall pose, this variation is the most advanced and therefore the most demanding one.

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

According to Do Your Yoga, you will benefit from this pose if you practice it for at least 10 to 15 minutes, even though you can just go with a minute or two. Here are the 5 advantages of this yoga pose:

  • Lowers swelling in the feet and legs

This pose reverses the impact that gravity has on the feet and legs and it will also encourage the movement of fluid deposits, which is great for people with low blood pressure and those who spend most of their days on their feet and experience edema.

  • Calms down the nervous system

This deeply-relaxing pose, when combined with slow and rhythmic breathing, will induce relaxation in the nervous system. The body’s digestion will also enhance and when doing the pose for a longer period of time, you will experience better health and greater overall calmness.

  • Quiets your mind

This pose will completely release tension in your body and by focusing on breathing; you will encourage a meditative state which will lower down overthinking.




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