6 Japanese Rules for those Who Want to Become Stronger & Healthier

For this Japanese engineer and aikido teacher, giving up was never an option and his resilience was the main reason for some of his thought-changing discoveries that are used even today all with the goal to help us lead healthier lives.

Let us therefore learn more about the discoveries of Katsuzo Nishi and their benefits as explained on Healthy Holistic Living.

The Nishi Health System & Its Power

For most part of his life, Nishi was dedicated to learning new things. He was the chief technical engineer for the first subway project in Japan and he also studied all the forms of health and preventive medicine throughout the world. He did numerous experiments and strongly critiqued his works so that he would come up with better and better methods for a stronger and healthier body.

The Nishi System which he came up with is based on 4 crucial factors that need to be harminous with each other. They are the quality of the skin, the quality of the food we eat, the condition of the limbs, and our psychological state. This system was founded back in 1927, but the health practices and the exercises remain important even today.

The 6 Laws of the Nishi Health System

  1. Sleep on a firm foundation

When the spine is curved, it could become problematic for the internal organs. And, since we spend almost 1/3 of our lives sleeping, we need to be careful when choosing our sleeping position. Nishi believes that sleeping on a hard bed and with a rounded roll or a pillow is the most advantageous support for the digestive organs and blood flow.

  1. The Goldfish Exercise

Lie down on your back and place the hands behind your head. Flex the feet so that they are perpendicular to the floor. Begin swinging the hips horizontally from side to side, similarly to how a fish swims. Do this for one minute.

  1. Blood Flow Exercise

Lie down on your back on the floor and put a solid roller underneath your 3rd and 4th vertebrae and elevate both arms and legs into the air and relax. Then, shake the arms and legs for a period of 60 seconds.

  1. Gassyo-Gasseki

While lying down on the back, join the hands and feet soles together and begin sliding the hands and feet horizontally 10 times. Once you are done, rest for 2 minutes and then repeat the movement.

  1. Core pendulums

Sit down on the knees and begin to swing the upper body while keeping the focus on the hips for around 10 minutes. When you are inclined, pump the abdomen and when in an upright position, shrink the abdomen.

  1. Spine and Abdomen Workout

This exercise is believed to better the digestion and to strengthen your core. Begin by sitting cross-legged on a hard surface and put the hands on the feet. Isolate the shoulders and move them in up and down movements and gently bend the head to each side of the shoulders and then tilt the head back and then forward. Elevate the arms and put the hands together and in front of you. Curve the back and stretch your spine and shoulder blades. Remember to straighten the back and lift the chin. Remain in this pose for 7 seconds.

Important to note:

These methods are excellent alternative methods to better the strength of the body, improve your health, and put an end to laziness once and for all.



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