This Is why the Older You Get, the more You Hate Everyone & Why this Is Okay

For a lot of adults, not having a lot of friends is not a new thing, as explained on King Demic. What’s more, they become closer with their family members and siblings may be their only good friends. Other than them, they are not very fond of others.

 But, this was not always the case, right? A lot of you probably had a larger friend circle when you were younger and also made friends easily. You were less shy, more self-confident, and highly sociable. You may have believed that you will stay with these people forever and considered all of your friends to be family. However, as time passes by, things inevitably change and all of a sudden, you are no longer close with these people because most of them walked away.

What Happens as We Grow Older?

For numerous people, the older they get, the more difficult it becomes for them to make new friends and what’s more, they often feel as if they hate everyone. If you also feel like this, do not worry, it is completely normal, as pointed out on King Demic. When we are younger, we are often surrounded by a lot of wrong people due to the desire to be a part of something and to be known. During this phase, we may often be in a constant presence of people who are actually toxic for us.

However, the situation changes when we mature because we are able to see the real picture- it never feels good to be a part of a group of people who resort to humiliating others just for the purpose of fun. This type of behaviour is no longer acceptable when you become an adult.

Why Making New Friends Matters less?

After graduation, for a lot of people, their social life goes through a huge transformation, i.e. from spending every weekend with dozens of people and meeting new ones on a regular basis you now make less efforts to meet new friends and become closer with your family, co-workers, and maybe join a club with people who share mutual interests, for example, a book club or a yoga community.

When you are an adult, your life becomes full and you do not have that much free time to go to dinner dates with friends on a weekly basis and now, things may come down to a phone call or two every month. Remember, this is not wrong. Maturity helps you read fake people easier and unfortunately, a lot of your previous friends may have turned out to be bad for you. This is because during young age we often believe that everyone is good and that we can trust them completely, which is not necessarily the case.

The Beauty of Maturity

During adulthood, most people realize that some people are-serving and that no one can care you genuinely. Even though they can be quite painful, these experiences make the ideal eye openers and transform you in a stronger and wiser person.

The older you get, the more you appreciate yourself and you do not allow putting others before yourself. When you start loving yourself, things change for the better- you learn who your real friends are and you start having more appreciation for your family. This is the reality of your life when you start working on yourself instead of constantly trying to please others.



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