The Benefits of Earthing: Touching the Earth can Improve Your Health

In the past, our ancestors came into regular contact with the soil by walking barefoot on it and hunting, collecting water and finding food, playing, relaxing, etc. Most of the activities they did on the daily included barefoot connection with the soil, which is also known as grounding or earthing.

But, in today’s world, things are not the same and a lot of people go for weeks or months without coming into contact with the soil. We wear shoes most of the time, spend a lot of hours at home or in the office, and our connection with nature is generally not so strong as it was previously, according to Conscious Lifestyle Mag.

Why We Need to Be “Earthing” more often?

As seen on Conscious Lifestyle Mag, scientists consider that our insufficient link with nature affects our health negatively. Namely, earthing is known to be of great aid for our well-being because of its electromagnetic surface.

Same as the earth, our body is also “running” on this energy and our nervous system is transmitting data through the whole body. The balance in the body decreases when it fails to communicate with the electromagnetic force of the earth.

The Healing Power of Earthing

  1. Lower levels of body ache and inflammation

The photo shown below was done with the help of thermography (an imaging method in medicine) and it presents a 44 year-old woman with chronic back ache. The left image was taken prior to grounding and the red patterns are the inflamed and painful areas. The right one shows a reduction in the size of these areas after 4 hours of sleeping grounded. And, the woman also reported experiencing 30 percent lower pain and 30 percent reduction in soreness and stiffness after waking up. 4 weeks later, she reported 80 percent of pain reduction, no sleeping issues, and 70 percent lower levels of stiffness and soreness in the morning. After 8 weeks, the woman said that she no longer felt pain.

  1. Lower levels of stress

When you walk barefoot, the cortisol secretion in your body will decrease. Cortisol is linked with the stress response of the body and it manages the blood sugar levels, balances the metabolism, lowers the inflammation, and enhances the memory. According to Chopra, in one study, the participants who were grounded experienced better sleep quality, fewer PMS hot flashes, higher level of energy, and less anxiety, depression and stress.

  1. Better blood flow

Grounding will enhance the blood flow and supply more oxygen and nutrients in the body tissues.

Reconnecting with the Earth

  • Spend half an hour or hour outside walking barefoot, whether on grass, soil, sand or concrete on a daily basis
  • Wood, vinyl, and asphalt are not good for grounding because they are not conductive
  • If you do not have a lot of time on your schedule to dedicate to earthing, purchase grounding products like bed pads, body bands, chairs, floor and chair mats, etc.




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