Organic Hemp Milk Relieves Stress, Anxiety, Pain And Insomnia

In the past, milk and honey drink was the key to healthy sleep; however, these days, people are using a different mixture to better their sleep, i.e. a drink known as Relax and sold by a raw food café in London, Rawligion.

This drink is also believed to alleviate pain, reduce anxiousness, and fight off negative stress, according to Complete Health and Happiness. This drink contains milk and hemp. Let us learn more about its health advantages…

Why Is CBD Milk so Popular?

The CBD present in hemp comes with a lot of health benefits and the hemp milk which Rawligion use is 100 percent organic. CBD has the capacity to encourage relaxation, without any “high” effects common for THC. People have been using this product to better sleeping issues, depression, body ache, and anxiety.

The Drink Will Help You Feel Calm

Besides CBD oil and hemp milk, this drink has coconut oil, dates, cashews, and vanilla too. It has a similar flavor to that of almond milk, but with a slight earthy-like note. The dates ensure optimal sweetness while the vanilla allows for an enjoyable aftertaste.

John Taba, the founder of Rawligion, points out that customers have accepted this product and empahsize that they feel calmer after consuming it. However, he points out that this beverage needs to be consumed mindfully. That is, instead of washing down a meal with it, it should be drunk prior to meals for optimal effects or an hour or so after a meal.

How to Prepare Your Own Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is an excellent option for individuals who are allergic to gluten, soy or nuts. This milk is abundant in iron and omega-3s. If you cannot find Rawligion’s drink, no worries; check out the recipe below to discover how to make your own hemp milk at home and your own version of the drink by Rawligion.

Hemp Milk Recipe


½ cup of hemp seeds

4 cups of water

Preparation: Blend the ingredients in a blender on high speed for a minute or two. Then, strain the pulp from the milk, and store it in the fridge, and use it within 5 days.

Making the Drink

In a glass of the hemp milk, add small amounts of coconut oil, CBD oil, and pure vanilla extract. Mix it, and then add dates. Enjoy!