The 6 most Powerful Herbs for Improving Your Digestion & Healing Your Gut

Our body’s digestive system is in charge of breaking down food and enabling the nutrients from it to go into the blood. From there, they are transported to every area of the body. But, when we fail to include the right herbs to our diet, this system may experience a lot of complications, as seen on Conscious Lifestyle Mag. When the digestion fails to be optimal, your overall health is also at risk.

Digestive Problems Are more Common than You Think

Stomach ache, ulcers, indigestion, IBS, diarrhea, and constipation are only some of the problems which can happen in this rather sensitive area. Luckily, there are specific natural remedies, i.e. herbs that can alleviate these conditions.

The herbs we are going to present are considered to be also good for the health of the liver. This organ is responsible for more than 500 bodily functions and it uses thousands of enzymes of different types. It also participates in the filtration of the blood.

Check out six optimal natural remedies that we found on Conscious Lifestyle Mag in the list shown below.

The 6 Best Herbs for a Healthy Digestion

  1. Dandelion

In the past, folk healers used this herb’s root to treat digestive problems and to better the health of the liver. Its use is common nowadays and it is well-known for its diuretic abilities. It can boost the potassium levels in the body, instead of depleting the reserves as it is the case with over-the-counter diuretics. It will enhance the digestive functions, detoxify the liver, and minimize premenstrual bloating. You can use fresh dandelion to prepare tea or purchase it in supplement form (tablets, capsules, tinctures, etc.). Another great product with dandelion is dandelion root coffee.

  1. Milk thistle

This plant is part of the daisy family and it has long been used as a natural cure for the liver and numerous liver problems. Besides its capacity to better the health of the liver, it will improve the digestion too and alleviate upset stomach or indigestion. People with liver disorders can use it to enhance the bile flow.

  1. Slippery elm bark

This herb is regularly used to bring digestive comfort, reduce IBS symptoms, or to calm an upset stomach. Its calming and moisturizing characteristics will keep your stomach safe and healthy, reduce diarrhea, and put an end to intestinal cramps. When it goes through the gut, this herb takes out all toxic waste and bad bacteria. It is also able to elevate the bronchial secretions, loosen thick mucus, and lower the stickiness of phlegm. In addition to using it for tea, you can also find it in powder form. You can sprinkle it on top of oatmeal or muesli for an even healthier breakfast or snack.

  1. Peppermint

This herb has long been used as a cure for gastrointestinal problems and it has the power to relax the digestive tract muscles and encourage the production of bile. You can use it to treat indigestion, stomach pain, and colicky diarrhea. According to studies, it also has the power to minimize IBS symptoms and decrease bloating, spasms, and cramps. You can use it fresh to prepare tea or purchase peppermint capsules.

  1. Ginger

This plant will help you decrease nausea, upset stomach, and stomach cramps. Its anti-inflammatory power will reduce heartburn and motion sickness. You can find ginger root at the farmer’s market or in supermarkets. Also, you can use it in capsule form. Its root can be grated and then used for the preparation of a yummy, warm tea.

  1. Artichoke

Its main ingredient, cynarin, which is found in the leaves, is the best way to better your digestion and regulate your appetite naturally. Its bitter taste will stimulate and cool down the liver. It can help with IBS symptoms, nausea, constipation, gas, and bloating. When regularly consumed, it will keep the digestive processes optimal and balance the cholesterol levels. Artichoke extract can be found in health stores, in tincture or tablet form.




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