What Happens to Your Body when You Eat Ginger every Day

Since ancient time, ginger has been used to treat a long list of health problems as it is abundant in antioxidants and other powerful healing benefits. This plant originates from China and it belongs to the family of turmeric, galangal, and cardamom. Rhizome is the stem of ginger which is located under the ground and it is frequently used in a long list of DIY remedies. Many holistic health proponents as well as doctors recommend it as an essential food in a healthy diet.

If you still have doubts whether to introduce it to your daily diet or not, make sure you check out the list shown below. It contains the best advantages of ginger, according to Power of Positivity.

The Amazing Healing Benefits of Ginger

  1. Rich in antioxidants and possesses anti-inflammatory capacity

Antioxidants are necessary so that our body fights off free radicals and excessive inflammation. The antioxidant power is believed to be centred in gingerol, ginger’s main bioactive compound.

  1. Alleviates digestive issues

Numerous studies have shown that ginger is capable of speeding up the digestion in people who struggle with gastrointestinal problems, including bloating and constipation. Namely, one study showed that participants who took ginger powder prior to meals digested the food 50 percent faster than those who did not consume ginger.

  1. Averts cancer

There is ongoing research on the capacity of gingerol to fight off tumors. It may be effective against colon, pancreatic, ovarian, and breast cancer. However, further and additional findings are necessary to prove its anti-cancerous power. Be that as it may, one thing is for sure- ginger can decrease excessive inflammation and this is one of the key factors for cancer development.

  1. Balances the blood sugar and cholesterol

Ginger can help you balance your cholesterol levels and the blood sugar too. A high level of bad cholesterol is linked to heart illness. One study done with 85 patients with high cholesterol levels showed that 3 grams of ginger powder on a daily basis balanced their cholesterol. When it comes to blood sugar, ginger could be a useful method to minimize our risk of diabetes. In a recent study, people with type 2 diabetes who consumed 2 grams of ginger powder on the daily experienced a reduction in their blood sugar levels by 12 percent.

  1. Averts Alzheimer’s

Several recent studies point out that ginger could be effective in improving our brain function and memory, especially in middle-aged women. Other studies have associated ginger with prevention of cognitive decline caused by aging and of brain inflammation, both of which have to do with Alzheimer’s.

  1. Strengthens the immunity

Ginger is a potent antibacterial agent and it is highly beneficial in fighting off infections by strengthening the immune system.

  1. Relieves menstrual cramps

Since it is a well-known pain reliever, ginger can be beneficial against menstrual cramps. In one study, women who were on their period and consumed a gram of ginger powder during the first three days of their menstruation reported less pain and discomfort. So, the next time you have terrible menstrual cramps, reach for some ginger instead of over-the-counter painkiller- it may be the soothing remedy you have been long looking for.

  1. Beneficial against nausea

To relieve nausea, vomiting or morning sickness, opt for 1 to 1.5 gram of ginger. It can also be beneficial in preventing motion sickness and post-operative nausea. Cancer patients who are undergoing chemo can alleviate the common nausea and discomfort with the help of ginger.