The Gerson Therapy: How the Body Heals Itself through Food

According to the official Gerson Institute website, the Gerson Therapy is a natural therapy which enhances the body’s capacity to heal and restore itself through \a plant-diet rich in organic foods, raw juices, coffee enemas, and natural supplementation. The natural approach to healing of this therapy is believed to be able to activate the body’s self-healing power without any side effects.

The institute explains that this treatment helps the immunity to strengthen and thus heal arthritis, heart illness, cancer, allergies, and numerous other degenerative illnesses.

The Story of the Gerson Therapy

This therapy was created back in the 30s by Dr. Max Gerson, primarily as a therapy for his own migraines and eventually, it became a well-known degenerative disease treatment, including illnesses like diabetes, tuberculosis, and cancer. The therapy does not treat the symptoms, but it addresses the core of degenerative illnesses, i.e. nutrient deficiencies and toxicity.

The richness of fresh and organic drinks on the daily supply your body with the needed minerals, nutrients, enzymes. These beneficial substances dissolve the sick tissues in the body whereas the coffee enema helps remove toxins out of the liver.

Did you know that our body is filled with different kinds of toxins and carcinogens through the liver? They enter our body through the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the medications we take. The goal of the Gerson approach is to incorporate intense detox methods and thus, expel these dangerous toxins and give the body a chance to start the healing.

Main Elements of the Gerson Therapy

  • Juicing

During the therapy, freshly-made juice from raw foods is the easiest method to supply the body with essential nutrients and enzymes. The recommended dosage is approximately 15 pounds of fresh produce per day. For example, in one day, (for cancer patients) the individual drinks up to 13 glasses of freshly-pressed carrot and apple and green leaf juices. The juices can be prepared with two-step juicer or a juicer with a separate hydraulic press.

  • The Gerson diet

During this treatment, a patient needs to eat only plant-based and organic foods. The goal is to consume a high level of minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and micronutrients and foods low on protein, fat, and sodium.  Here is how a typical day on this diet looks like:

-13 glasses of fresh carrot and apple and green leaf juices hourly

-3 plant-based meals from organic veggies, fruits, and whole grains, for example, salads, cooked veggies, baked potatoes, Hippocrates soup and juice

-fruits and veggies as snacks

  • Supplementation

The meds used in the therapy are biologicals and materials of organic origin. They include vitamin B12, thyroid hormone, pancreatic enzymes, potassium compound, and Lugol’s solution.

  • Cleansing

Coffee enema is the main cleanse method of this therapy. Cancer patients may do up to 5 coffee enemas on the daily. This procedure helps remove burden from the liver, which is an essential organ for cleansing and it may already be weakened, particularly in cancer patients.

Considering the Gerson Therapy? If yes, check out this website to learn whether it is the right approach for your specific health issue or not.



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