Turmeric: It Beats the Power of Prozac & Ibuprofen?

According to Deep Roots at Home, turmeric possesses strong anti-inflammatory, mood-boosting, and pain-relieving properties. And, it does all of these things for you without harming your health in any way.

On the other hand, most of the over-the-counter meds come with serious side effects that no one would like to experience, right? This is especially the case with antidepressants that have been linked with a lot of harmful side effects. However, with more and more individuals being diagnosed with depression, the question which arises is whether there is a safer and natural alternative to fighting off the symptoms?

Let us learn more about why you need to consider a natural treatment over therapy with antidepressants…

The Negative Effects of Pharmaceutical Antidepressants

  • They do not address the main cause but merely mask the symptoms
  • They create a lifelong dependency
  • Additionally elevate the risk of depression symptoms in already depressive individuals
  • Their consumption may interfere with one’s sex drive and even lead to impotence
  • Elevate the chance for prematurely born babies as well as a higher risk of autism and other birth defects

Turmeric: the Best Natural Remedy?

According to a study in Phytotherapy Research, turmeric is not just beneficial in helping you alleviate depression and its symptoms, but it may do it more efficiently than the prescribed over-the-counter antidepressants. With turmeric, there are no side effects, but side advantages.

Will Turmeric ever Be FDA Approved?

Even though we constantly hear a lot of vital information about the healing power of turmeric, because of its patentability lack (and profitability), it will never be FDA approved, Deep Roots at Home claim. Unless some investor can afford to lose the 800 plus million dollars upfront, the required multi-phased and double-blind and randomized clinical trials will not take place.

How to Reap the Health Benefits of Turmeric?

  • Turmeric in supplement form
  • Turmeric powder
  • Raw turmeric
  • Use it to make tea
  • Add it to different meals
  • Combine it with milk
  • Spice up smoothies with it

Important to Note:

Depression is a serious disorder and a real disease which needs to be treated in consultation with a professional. This article serves for informational and educational purposes only; it does not offer any medical advice whatsoever. Never stop your prescribed therapy prior to consulting your doctor!

Before heading out, do not forget to check out the video and learn how to prepare a delicious and healthy turmeric lemonade:




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