5 Important Chair Exercises to Burn Belly Fat while Sitting

Even though it is not the ideal situation, a lot of people today need to spend 7 or 8 hours in a sitting position at their job posts. But, there also those who need to stand for large part of their working hours, which is also not good for the overall health and puts a lot of pressure on the legs.

Those who have a desk job should know that there are powerful exercises that can help them shed belly fat while they are sitting. Therefore, continue reading the article if you want to see the exercises in detail.

5 Beneficial Exercises to Shed Belly Fat while Sitting

  1. Seated knee tuck

Keep the arms on the armchairs. Keep the upper back engaged and close to the chair. Now, bend your knees and bring them towards your chest. Stay in the pose for a second or two before you bring the legs back. But, do not touch the floor. Exhale while lifting the legs and inhale when extending them.

  2. Knee pulls

Interlock your fingers and place them on one knee and lift it up towards the chest. Breathe in and bring it back and breathe out. Repeat the same movement with the other knee.

  3. Oblique crunch

Position the body as if you are sitting on one side. Then, make the legs touch and lift them up. Make sure they do not touch the floor when you put them down. Remember to breathe in and breathe out. Keep the knees at the armchairs.

  4. Helicopter rotations

With the feet firmly on the floor, spread out the arms and straighten them up. Keep them like that and move the upper body and arms on one side and then on the other. Remember to breathe in and out.

  5. Cross toe touches

Begin in the same position as for the previous exercise, but instead of moving the body sideways, move them towards the floor while keeping them straight. Touch the right foot with the left fingers and the left foot with the right fingers. While performing the movement, make sure you keep the upper body engaged and straight.