7 Symptoms that the Body Is Full of Toxins & You Need to Detox It

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about the advantages of regular external body detoxes. Through detoxification, we assist the body in removing dangerous toxins, including heavy metals, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds.

If you do not regularly eliminate them from the body, the toxins will start to deposit in the tissues and their high amounts may begin to cause numerous health issues.

Of course, our bodies already have their own detox systems and processes; however, because of being overly exposed to all kinds of toxins, whether from the foods we eat or the air we breathe, we need to help it externally. But, how can one know if their body needs a boost in detoxification?

Find out by checking out the 7 major symptoms of a body full of toxins in the list below…

7 Major Symptoms of a Body in Need of Detox

  • Autoimmune issues

When the body is full of toxins, a person may suffer from autoimmune diseases. They happen when the immunity starts to attack the body. An acute autoimmune problem may manifest through skin rashes, soreness in the joints, fever, and tiredness. According to some findings, heavy metals like mercury and cadmium may lead to autoimmune reactions in the body.

If you have been struggling with rashes, dry skin, breakouts, and itchy skin areas, you may need to cleanse the organs. Skin problems may also be a result of gut issues or autoimmune diseases so in addition to trying out a body detox, you should also follow a healthy diet, abundant in whole foods, veggies, and fruits.

  • Recurrent headaches

Though headaches may happen due to poor posture or sensitivity to specific foods, it may be that the abundance of toxins is the reason behind the headaches. In a Turkish study, the individuals with higher levels of heavy metals in the body experienced more headaches and migraine that the other group.

  • Inability to shed surplus pounds

The inability to lose weight is conditioned by numerous contributing factors, including lifestyle choices, gut bacteria, and eating habits (among other things). In some cases, it may be due to excessive presence of toxins in the body. A lot of toxins are known to be obesogens and can lead to weight gain.

  • Poor sleep

Not getting enough sleep is bad for the overall health and chronic sleep deficiency can mess with one’s quality of life. Unfortunately, estimates show that around 50 to 70 million Americans do not get adequate sleep. As the National Organization for Rare Disorders claims, a body full of heavy metals like lead and mercury puts you at a higher risk of insomnia.

  • Poor focus

If your focus and concentration have been rather low, it may be the surplus toxins causing problems. According to research, low levels of exposure to pesticide can lower one’s concentration and worsen the cognitive functioning.

  • Chronic tiredness

Regardless of the sleep and rest you get and the coffee cups you drink, the tiredness does not seem to go away- this is fatigue and it can significantly lower the quality of life.  According to newest findings, cleansing the body can be of aid in elevating the energy levels.