Addicted to Sleeping Pills?! Try Out this Amazing Natural Remedy instead

Unfortunately, a lot of people are addicted to sleeping pills and if they do not have them on their bedroom stand, a good night’s sleep will not happen. Unfortunately, prolonged use of these meds can cause dependence and increases the tolerance to the medication.

As a result, people end up popping these pills, but are no longer able to fall and stay asleep as they did when they first started using them.  Sleep deficiency can be debilitating and significantly lower one’s quality of life. You end up going through your day frustrated, cranky, and tired.

This being said, it is good to know that there are beneficial natural remedies that can help you better your sleep without poisoning your body with chemicals. One such remedy is a blend of five different essential oils called Sweet Dreams. Let us found out more about it…

Sweet Dreams: Essential Oil Blend

This product by Vitality Extracts is an all-natural mixture of pure essential oils and it will significantly better your sleep quality. You will no longer struggle with bags under the eyes and your energy levels will finally elevate. And, more importantly, you will not need those dangerous over-the-counter sleeping pills.

The blend is made with five natural ingredients and each of them has sleep promoting benefits. Check out the ingredients in the list below:

  1. Coriander seed- abundant in magnesium and vitamins B, it will relax the muscles naturally, soothe your nerves, and calm down the body and mind.
  2. German chamomile- it will reduce anxiousness, boost the digestion and sleep, and supply your body with antioxidants.
  3. Lavender- it will balance the heartbeat, relax down the muscles, lower stress, and enhances the sleep quality.
  4. Juniper berry- its pleasant fragrance will relax the muscles and eliminate the tension, avert restlessness, and help you fall asleep fast.
  5. Orange- relaxes the central nervous system and thanks to the drowsiness feeling it provides, you will sleep like a baby throughout the whole night. No tossing and turning.

When combined together, these ingredients make a revitalizing serum for sleep, ideal for both men and women, who have sleeping problems.

How to Use the Oil?

To make your bedroom a soothing and calming environment, diffuse three to five drops of the oil mixed with 100 ml of water. The product can also be found in roll-on form. An hour prior to bed, roll it into the neck, forehead, feet, and abdomen. It will help you relax and calm yourself down naturally.