Your Child Has Lice? Use this all-Natural Potent Remedy to Destroy them fast

Of course, many parents look forward to their children going to kindergarten or starting school; however, there is one issue that they all dread in a way, i.e. lice. After a week or so in school, your child comes home and starts to scratch his/her hair frantically and you know it- they have caught lice. They will not transfer it to their siblings and maybe even you!

You try out all kinds of shampoos and products, but they do not seem to go away. This being said, it is maybe time to try another option to destroy them without filling your child’s hair with toxins and chemicals from store-bought products. Continue reading the article to learn how to prepare and use the remedy.

DIY Cure to Remove Lice

Coconut oil is one of the most versatile ingredients and people use it for all kinds of purposes, from cleaning their teeth to cleaning their makeup brushes. And, they also use it to help eliminate lice.

Thanks to its thick consistency, it suffocates the lice and kills them. Moreover, because of its viscous nature, it averts the lice from transferring onto furniture or clothes and spreading on others. The fatty acids found in it will make the hair slippery and worsen the lice’s capacity to grasp. Hence, it will be much easier to comb them out.

Though you may find the combination of ACV and coconut oil a weird one, they can do wonders for removal of lice. The ACV will dissolve the glue secreted by lice to attach onto the hair shaft.

For the preparation, you will need:

Equal amounts of coconut oil and ACV

A shower cap

A nit comb

Use: Apply the mixture all over the hair and thoroughly massage it into the scalp. Then, put on a shower cap and leave it on for 15 minutes. Remove the cap and begin combing out the lice and eggs with a nit comb. Afterwards, shampoo the hair as usually.

Repeat on a regular basis until the lice are completely gone.

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