A Bad Cough that Does Not Stop: a Part of the Winter Virus Circling around

Even though winter is the season of colds and flu, there is one type of winter disease which is not a cold or the flu happening now. Characterized by a persistent cough, this respiratory infection is more and more common.

According to Dr. Kenneth Patton from the Bethesda North Hospital, there has been a recent surge of upper respiratory symptoms, including cough, congestion, and shortness of breath.

More than a Common Cold?

Unlike with the flu, this cough may gradually develop and then cause bigger problems. And, the patient comes in the ER with shortness of breath and other respiratory problems. Patients with this cough have difficult time breathing, according to doctors.

Depending on the age, patients experience the disease in a different way. To one, it may seem as nothing more than a common cold whereas to others, it may be a serious pneumonia or disease, particularly in children and elderly.

In the ER, bacterial infections are treated with IV fluids and meds to rehydrate the body and fight off the bacteria. However, upper respiratory disease has no treatment because it is a virus. Therefore, if you experience serious symptoms, you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible. And, make sure you work on strengthening your immunity.

Here are several useful tips on how to do this…

How to Keep the Immune System Strong

  • Keep the hands clean

Washing the hands on a regular basis is important in averting disease, particularly respiratory infections.

  • Manage stress, get enough sleep, and work out regularly

Getting adequate sleep and rest, managing stress through yoga and meditation, and exercising on a regular basis are crucial for a healthy and strong immune system.

  • Follow a healthy diet

A diet abundant in vitamin C and veggies and fruits can strengthen the immunity. Also, you need to boost your consumption of zinc and vitamins A and D. Consume probiotics too and avoid smoking.




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