A Powerful Veggie: Beetroot Reduces the Risk of Cancer by Removing Toxins from the Body

Did you know that beets are one of the most potent foods to eat and fight off cancer, but numerous other health problems too?

Believe it or not, for centuries, this vegetable has been a part of cancer treatment in Europe. The interest in using it as a potential cure for tumors began in the 20s when two doctors from Germany started using it to help their patients.

Moreover, in the 30s, a professor from Hungary did experiments with the goal to discover if beets can better the health of cancer patients. Nowadays, many people use beets, particularly beet juice, to fight off cancer.

Continue reading the article to learn why beet juice may be beneficial tool in the fight against cancer.

Can Beet Juice Help Destroy Cancerous Cells?

Freshly made beetroot juice has the power to cleanse the body from toxins and supply us with the needed nutrients and oxygen. Moreover, studies have found that this veggie is the perfect choice for athletes because it boosts their performance. Beet also contains betazyane, a flavonoid which elevates the oxygen flow to cells and increases the levels of vitamin C.

One potent anticancer characteristic of beet juice is its abundance in iron which helps regenerate the red blood cells which increase the oxygen levels in the cancerous cells. This in return betters the cellular respiration and thus, destroys the cells.

When choosing your batch of beets at the market, remember to go with the pieces that are medium or small and have a smooth skin, strong roots, and deep color. Remember, its prime season is from June to October.

DIY Beet Juice Recipe

For one serving, you will need:

2 large or 4 small beets

¼ cup of water

Preparation: First, cut off the ends of the beet and then rinse it. After you have thoroughly cleaned the veggie, chop it into small cubes and set up your juicer. Place the chunks through the juicer to extract the juice.  Go slowly.

Transfer the juice in a glass and drink it right away. Or, you can cool it for half an hour before consumption.

You can also store it in the fridge for a day or two.

How to Add Beets to Your Diet?

  • Roast them for no more than 60 minutes or steam them no more than 15 minutes
  • Do not wash them prior to storing. Wash them prior to use
  • Keep the beets in plastic and airless bags due to their oxidation sensitivity
  • You can store them in the fridge for approximately three weeks
  • Beet leaves are also edible and nutritious- you can prepare them in a similar way you prepare spinach or Swiss chard
  • Many people particularly enjoy consuming fermented beets or commonly add it in a popular dish known as borscht
  • You can also consume it fresh on its own with a vinegar dressing or combine it in salads with other veggies
  • Beets can be grilled, marinated, boiled or roasted- the choice is yours!




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