Foot Reflexology: 5 Pressure Points To Help Boost Your Metabolism And Lower Stress

Did you know that your thoughts influence the world around you, beginning with your body? This being said, if you want to be the best possible version of yourself, picture it in your mind!

The capacity to imagine things is considered to have the best effect when a person is relaxed. So, it is good to visualize your best version in the morning and then once more before going to bed.

You should also visualize after a yoga or meditation session or after a massage or reflexology therapy. When talking about reflexology, we cannot but mention its ability to lull us into a state of complete relaxation and make you more open to suggestions and manifestations.

Reflexology is known to have a soothing impact on the glands, organs, and every other body part through the stimulation of specific points located on the face, hands, ears, and feet.

With this in mind, we decided to share five potent reflexology foot points that can relax you completely, but also better your health in numerous different ways!

5 Foot Reflexology Points

Stimulating these parts of the foot will directly influence your nervous system, glands, and organs and thus, help you feel and look the best. Use the thumb or index finger to gently pressure the area for 5 seconds.

Here are the reflexology points:

  • The bottom of the big toe is connected to the thyroid gland so pressure it to boost your metabolism
  • The centre of the big toe is connected with the pituitary gland so you should pressure it to balance the hormones
  • The area near the bottom of the foot at the centre sole is connected to the colon and intestines so massage it to relieve bloating
  • The section near the inner edge of the foot at the centre sole is connected to the adrenal glands so pressuring it will help you keep your energy levels up and burn more calories
  • The big toe is connected to the hypothalamus. Applying pressure on this point will regulate your appetite.




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